Digital sector is growing rapidly in Turkey


Coca Cola Interactive Marketing Manager Yüce Zerey, who made a full speech on social media and digital marketing issues at the Social Media Summit held at Sabancı University on February 26, did not break us, despite having an airplane that should catch up right after the conference, and a short interview with him. we did.

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Batuhan Apaydin: the importance of digital and social media market in Turkey is growing. And you, as a marketing expert, how would you evaluate the overall profile of internet users in Turkey and digital sector?

Supreme Zerey: general profile of internet users in Turkey is currently more focused on social media and Facebook however, finds its place in private can say. Facebook is also more focused on sharing, and this sharing is not based on people’s own production, but on the sharing of content that is produced by others and generally interesting. According to internet users in Turkey by little impatient, level of interest it has a low profile. When we look at the internet industry, we see that almost all brands are related to digital marketing. Institutions have special studies on this issue and digital agencies they receive support from. The number of digital campaigns is growing and the industry is growing rapidly. But we are currently at the beginning of the process.

B.A: We would like to get your opinion on the relationship between target marketing called target marketing and social media. What can be the differences brought by social media in terms of brands reaching the right target audience compared to what conventional media can do?

Y.Z: Thanks to social media, I can watch the entire audience in the digital media, anyone who expresses their opinion on the subject. This is the most valuable part of the job. When I go into the details of the people I track, I can reach positive, negative or neutral ideas about the subject. With the tools provided by social media platforms, I have the opportunity to profile the ideas in this framework and the owners of these ideas. After performing this profiling, I can find out if it fits the target audience or not. With which marketing function and which digital marketing plan should I go to this target audience? I can do technical analysis of all of them. However, since conventional media cannot be done in conventional media, conventional media is still behind social media in terms of profiling.

B.A: Do you think there is a conflict between conventional media and social media?

Y.Z: Of course there is contention. For this reason, most of the conventional media emulate social media and try to take place there. But this is not a polarization. On the contrary, we are going towards a model where the two are more integrated.

B.A: We are in a rapidly developing information and communication age. So what is Yüce Zerey doing to improve and renew himself? What would you recommend to young people in this regard?

Y.Z: I am a person who reads a lot of books. I prefer to read books rather than the internet to learn. While reading a book, I don’t just read market books. I read more books on literature, sociology, history and technical content, and I see many benefits. Beyond that, I follow popular culture very closely. I also watch foreign series, but I follow almost all popular domestic shows and even women’s programs. I also benefit a lot from them. These are all developments. My advice to young people is to learn marketing very well first of all. Then they understand the functions that support marketing very well. They need to learn history, sociology, psychology and related social disciplines very well and blend it with marketing. They should not physically break with society.