Critical Errors Made on Social Media


Social media can be seen as an easy marketing area for companies when viewed from a distance. But only from afar! From time to time, companies can make simple mistakes by taking this easy look and not taking social media seriously. Here are some of these errors and what to do to avoid them:

Missing profiles: In the social media tools you use, try to fill your company profile completely. Missing profiles will not appear professionally, but also cause your followers to not be able to access your information. Enrich your profile with links and photos.

Not To Share Current Content: Share with your followers frequently, do not leave them without content. If your profile is empty or your content is not daily, it will cause your follower count to decrease.

Excessive Content Sharing, Spam: Do not overdo it when posting content to your followers. Excessive content sharing and spam can damage your image, plug it.

Confusion of company profile and personal profile: Do not forget that your customers are following you for your company. Unfortunately, your private life does not concern them. Therefore, do not share personally on your company profiles, do not mention yourself. Instead of doing this, you can create a separate profile of your own.

Sharing your political and other personal opinions: Your customers do not follow your company to learn your world view. Do not make this kind of sharing in company profile. The opinion you provide may disturb your followers and damage the image of your company.

Keep quality ahead of the number: Having a large number of followers does not mean that you are successful in social media. The important thing is the quality of the relationship you can establish with your followers. Aim for as many followers as you can reach instead of many followers.

Impetuosity: Do not be afraid to sell your products to your customers who are members of your profile. First contact them, enter the dialogue.

Inconsistent image: Ensure that the image of your company is the same on different social media platforms. Make sure that the backgrounds, photos, logos you use on the websites are consistent.

Using the same strategy in each site: Each social media site requires a different approach. Get to know the unique features of social platforms and create strategies that suit them.

Deleted contents: Avoid deleting your content even if you “regret” it in the future. Search engines show deleted content in search results. This will draw attention to your content more than you think is wrong. In addition, your followers may want to access your previously consumed content at other times. Being inconsistent in this matter is against you. Instead of deleting your content, you can correct it and prevent misunderstandings by commenting on your content.

Failure to evaluate the results: Measure and evaluate the results of your actions on social media. In order for these measurements to be meaningful, you must determine what you want to do in advance and act accordingly.

Use social media in other areas of your life too: Use social media individually so that you are not strangers!