Create Free Personal Web Page for Branding

Being online is just not a cool symbol but now it has become a necessity. We can always use sites like Facebook,, LinkedIn and many others to live an online impression. But, nothing can beat what an online personal web page or better a website can do.

It was last month when I opted for my personal web page. I got to know about this service via my friend, who applied for it and asked me to try it out. While today when I was checking my mails I got the invitation from them.

What is – a site which provides you a beautiful personal page for free, which is not only easy accessible but might give your online identity a total new look and depth. A page, all about you where people can access all about yourself and your online activities. Interestingly, you can select what to share with your visitors unlike other social services.

Look of this site is so cool and configurable. You can not only change its background image but you can also change the fonts and color of your text. This thing not only make one’s page differentiated but you may also rely on it to connect with you.

You can add sites and compile your online presence on it. Where you are offered to add some major social services along with your own personal page or blog address. You can also opt for a button where visitors would be able to Email you directly. Dashboard

It consists of simple summary of your page stats. Basically focusing on the importance of the existence of your personalized page. It let you monitor the stats of visits, clicks and links to your page. You can also promote your this new identity via sharing it on major social networks.

This service is now accepting your suggestions to improvise it bit by bit, as it lacks some features. You can raise your request on their user feedback page or vote already requested feature.

All in all, this service seems great in the start with many features to let your adopt a personal page for yourself, representing your personality like you ever wanted. Do let us know if you have your personalized branded page ready or not?

They also have an iPhone app, which I have not tried but the app looks cool and you can download it from official app store.

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