Convert Your Mail Shipments to Sale


How can you make your mails effective and how can you convert them to sales? Methods of increasing your product and service sales using mail marketing sales strategies.

Custom Product Delivery

Find out which products your members are interested in in your previous posts. If desired, make automatic trigger bulletin submissions according to the clicked product information.

Offer Opportunities

Discount coupons etc. for your members. Submit daily discounts. You can also use gift items.

Remind yourself

Share with your members that you keep your website up to date with periodic posts. Change the pictures and rankings of your products.

Send at the Right Time

Make your mails at the right times. Apply effective mailing times, from Wednesday to Thursday before noon and after 17:00.

Act Lawfully

collective mail law Make posts as required. Behave ethically as well as the law. In addition, international mail sending laws (What is Can-Spam?) Be careful.