Chrome and Safari are Preferred More Every Day


One of the important areas where technology giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft compete is the browser market. In the past, this market was under the monopoly of Microsoft, the owner of Internet Explorer. Before browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera became popular / popular, almost everyone was using Explorer. Microsoft was so dominant in this market that it would not easily update its program, improve its interface or release its new version. With the inclusion of other scanner models on the market, so to speak, ‘skirts ignited’ Microsoft. In order to compete with them, he added new features to Internet Explorer (which he often sees in his competitors) and started making updates in a row. But Microsoft could not give the results that these efforts were expected.

According to the report published today, Internet Explorer usage rates have decreased by 3.5% in the last ten months. Firefox is in decline like Explorer. Between March 2010 and January 2011, the scanner was preferred less than 2%.

While Explorer and Firefox are less preferred, we see that Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari are on the rise. Especially the 4.5% rise of Chrome is remarkable. We can show the increase of Mac users as the most obvious reason for the rise of Safari.

Explorer has been in decline for a long time, but it has more than half the market. One of the reasons why it still has a very large percentage is that Windows is widely used and Explorer is already installed on these operating systems. Another reason is user habits. Especially in the vehicles that we use frequently in our daily lives, such as scanners, we cannot give up our habits as a computer user very quickly. Even though we sometimes know that other products are more successful and more useful, we can insist in our old habits because we are ‘afraid’ of the habituation process.