Can You Win A Ferrari From Your Online Work? A True Story From AdCombo

Have you ever imagined getting a Ferrari just because of your hard work that you do every day? 

Sounds untrue for many who still haven’t experienced the true joy of working online & becoming your own boss, but it’s very true.

This article is my recent experience with a company who is setting a benchmark in the online marketing industry.

But before everything, let’s accept this fact:

  • Working online is sometimes a thankless job.

You work hard & with a passion for living a dream life, but at the end of the day, it’s you who is working all by yourself.

However, there are a few online companies who understand the power of building community.

They not only help out their team, but also their top clients and customers to thank them for all their hard work & trust they put into the company.

This is a story about one such company from the CPA industry who is doing great in terms of numbers (they’re making money and displaying large growth). 

More importantly, they know how to build a community in the right way.

This article is a glimpse into a future that could be yours if you focus your mind in the right direction.

AdCombo: Setting the benchmark for the CPA industry

Last month, I was contacted by a CPA company, AdCombo, for attending an event organized by them in Antalya, Turkey.

Usually, I stay away from accepting any event attending invitations, but since I have interacted with them earlier at Ad:Tech and have mentioned them in a few of my articles related to CPA & Affiliate marketing, I said yes.

AdCombo was organizing this event to honor their top affiliates & was giving away a Ferrari California to one lucky affiliate.

It took place in the beautiful city of Antalya in Turkey on 9th-10th June 2017.  It was a two-day event where all the top affiliates & AdCombo team got to meet in person and know each other.

The first day, it was an “all white party” – a networking event and an all around fun time.

Here are some pictures from the first day:

The second day started with a pool party & we were all excited to find out who that one lucky CPA person was who would be walking back with a Ferrari.

In the below picture, you can see this person with his newly won Ferrari:

However, that was not all; other top affiliates won some of these prizes, too:

  • iPhone 7 Titanium
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Rolex watch
  • and other really cool things…

10th June 2017 became a winning day for all of the top AdCombo affiliates.

I have seen parties before where CPA or affiliate companies throw a lavish party, but they ultimately have little substance. However, AdCombo Turkey 2017 was different as it was all about showing how valuable their team was (they flew most of their team from Moscow to Turkey just to attend the event).

I interacted a little bit with Constantine who is the CEO & co-founder of AdCombo. He is one of the most humble & down to earth people you could ever meet. He shared his vision about an AdCombo expansion & also how serious they are about expanding to India’s growing market.

I personally feel that the Indian market has many great potentials, and the day is not far when an Indian CPA affiliate will be bringing a Ferrari home.

However, it’s not only about India, Russia, Malaysia, or any particular country.

With a laptop &an  internet connection, you can win a Ferrari and the hearts of many from any part of the world.

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Be The Next Winner Of A Ferrari

This article is not only about a Russian company setting up a benchmark in the CPA or Affiliate industry.

It’s also about the hope & possibilities of working online & becoming your own boss. Especially when the online scene has boomed & is booming to a point where everything is bought or sold online.

It’s time to work hard & with the passion for becoming anyone you want.

It’s time to imagine a bigger & better future.

It’s time to understand that working online empowers you to do more than just make money.

You could also win a Ferrari… 🙂

What do you feel about winning a Ferrari for your online efforts? What do you think about this marketing strategy? Do you think you could be one of those people who could leave a lasting impression on others? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Here are beautiful pictures of a place call Pamukkale that I visited after the AdCombo event.

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