Can Social Media Solve Traffic Problem?


To contact social media with our friends; we use it for reasons such as sharing the events in our environment with those who follow us. So, will we be using social media soon to warn drivers against traffic accidents?

According to experts, we will be able to have more advanced traffic information thanks to social media tools that will be included in cars in the future. The future has already become reality! Thanks to the control panel Entune, which Toyota has synchronized to its cars, we will be able to use some features of our mobile phone on this screen. General Motor Onstar has announced that they are designing a state-of-the-art feature where Facebook and Twitter updates will be read aloud.

Leading GPS service companies like TomTom and Garmin rely on historical traffic data rather than real-time traffic conditions, which is a very important issue for drivers. The company, which provides traffic service named Inrix, is taking an important step towards the future by providing traffic information based on historical monitoring mixed with real-time traffic information. Inrix uses information collected by clients such as Android phones, iPhone, Microsoft Sync used by Ford. Inrix also collects traffic information from around the world, including over three million trucks, vans and fleets equipped with GPS.