Bosses Approaching Social Media


Some companies use social media in increasing doses among their marketing activities, while others do not even know the meaning of the concept. Connoisseurs are not yet fully aware of how powerful the activities to be carried out on social media platforms are capable of creating feedback. The question that pervades the mind of all is what the return on investment (or the cost to emerge) is… However, it is now possible to measure the impact of the campaigns and determine their benefits.

2010 was a year when social media campaigns became known, and 2011 will be a year when these campaigns will become more and more popular.

However, companies approaching social media at a distance are a significant majority. Approximately half of the large and medium-sized companies are still hesitant about how social media can add value to their institutions… Because they still believe that they cannot determine the return of their investment on internet advertising. The group, which has a low percentage of only 15%, believes that the marketing activities carried out on social media platforms bring more returns than other marketing activities.

The main idea of ​​this determination is that the marketing professionals of companies should be trained and convinced about campaign returns. Starbucks example should not be forgotten and it should be taught like a lesson. More detailed information on this subject is available at In short, the secret is that the company knows what it wants to achieve from its marketing investment, defines its corporate goals, determines its strategy, and transfers the values ​​it believes in the brand to its target audience in an intimate, original and powerful way.