Bootstrap 4: Version differences, visual features


Bootstrap 4: What are the differences

What’s new, what are its features?

Let me talk about the first features that stand out without doing long research on this subject. What’s new Bootstrap 4As someone who has used the previous versions in and for a long time, I wrote the style and visual changes below. Especially I mentioned the differences between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3, that is, I have translated them into Turkish.

Changes in panel and card usage sections

Firstly .panel and .well in default forms like .card There are no excessive differences in responsive features, but the fonts have grown.

Bootstrap 3 Panel etc. Bootstrap 4 Card

Need to thank Flexbox, and when there is a ‘display: table’ flexbox is not enabled it is easier to create a group in the command but that is the same in card design. Bootstrap 4 has thicker bold font and inner background changes. In other words, you can display your articles on solid backgrounds instead of titles like the other version. Specifying with colors reminds a little web 1.0, but it is nice in terms of ease of use. But in our country, where we are going back to an old way in every way, this is not a feature to be misled.

Bootstrap 4 Context Background Colors