Blogging tool for Bloggers on Windows OS

Note: Windows live writer is now available as Open live writer & is open source now. Download for free from here.

As a blogger, sometimes we are bound to use many desktop blogging tools and software. One of them is Open live writer which is a desktop blogging tool and one of my favorite Windows blogging tool. I have been using live writer from a long time and after using it, I can recommend to everyone and the best part is Windows live writer is a free tool.

What is Open Live writer?

The Open live writer is a desktop blogging tool for bloggers to publish their blog content directly from the desktop. It supports major blogging platform like

Blogspot, WordPress, Self hosted WordPress blog,  Sharepoint.


What are the benefits of using Open live writer?

  • Blog post scheduling
  • WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get)
  • Automatic save
  • Offline Editing
  • HTML editing
  • Manage multiple blogs

There is numerous feature of Open live writer a.k.a OLW, which will make your blogging easier.

I started using Windows live writer after two months of Blogging and after that, it becomes my favorite Blogging tool. Especially if you are using WordPress as your Blogging platform, you will fall in love with Windows live writer. You can add tags, categories right from your desktop.

Along with all the above features, image editing (resizing, effect, Cropping ) is very easy.

If you have not tried windows live writer till now, I will suggest download it and try it.

Download Free Open Live Writer (For Windows only)

Do let us know if you are using Open live writer and what do you like the most about OLW? Also, if you are new to OLW, you might like to read: How to configure Open Live Writer with WordPress blog.