Blogging Gifted Me Shelter for life

5 years back, on 1st July 2010 I shared one of the best moment of my life with you, which you can read below:

“Blogging gifted me My first car”.

That day was a milestone in the journey of my life, and It’s like history repeating itself. Today on 29th July 2015 I’m rewriting the story with one change, and this time it’s a “Flat” instead of a “Car”.

After living in rented flats for the last seven years, finally I have a permanent shelter & address.

Last year I purchased a flat in Gurgaon with my blogging income from blogging & home loan from ICICI bank. And, Finally today I got the possession of the flat. This is once in a lifetime moment & my sincere gratitude to epostakur,  to you & all the readers.

Little backstory…

I left my parents house in 2002, and I dreamed of following the steps of my Mentor (Grandfather), who moved from a small village to a city & set a landmark for the generations to follow. I’m not close to what he did; someone who build a house with his own hands, but I’m content that my direction is right.

On 1st December 2008, I never thought blogging could help me discover myself. Blogging was one of those things that I started out of the passion, and in the last 6 & half years it has become the most integral part of my journey. More than money or anything else, it has given me a purpose & a different perspective about my life. I mentioned some of my realization in a recent interview for CrazyEngineers here.

Here are the moments from today’s possession time: My permanent den & brand new epostakur HQ. I will be living at the 19th floor with a beautiful view of the nature.


Here is the panoramic view of the apartment.

I’m thrilled to start the next chapter of my journey, as by next month will be moving to our new apartment. For the last seven years, I have lived in rented flats & this time I’m excited to have a place that I could design & decorate my way. 🙂

What next from here:

Owning a flat is dream come true & now We (Mr. & Mrs. Agrawal) is planning something exciting. Since our work is all online, we plan to work & travel the world & live the life of an explorer as digital nomads.

I will be sharing all my learning here at epostakur & travel journey at My sincere gratitude to all the people who have made this happen.

Finally, all I want to say is:


Thank You, God!

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