Blogging Gifted me My first Car: Swift Diesel

Note: This news was originally published on 1st July, 2010

I know it’s the starting of the month, and I should be sharing my monthly traffic and monthly income report. I will be doing that soon but before that let me share my joy with you. I have been blogging from last 1 and half-year religiously and on an average I make almost 2500$/month.

I have started living a geek life in between but realize that might kill the passion inside me, so along with my work I started my social life too. Why I’m sharing this to you because if you used to be like me, stop doing that, and start enjoying your social life too.

Now getting back to good news, today I bought my first car and that too from money I made via Blogging.

I have planned this from long, and I’m feeling jubilant from inside that I bought my first car from money I made Via blogging and my WordPress services.

(The guy in the Blue T-Shirt is Harsh Agrawal )

Initially, I was planning to buy Beat from Chevrolet Beat but later I changed my mind and bought Swift  VDI (Diesel).

Since this Car was bought from money I made via blogging, so I could not stop myself from sharing this news with all my blog readers.

I have some more news to share, and I will be sharing them in the separate post soon. Do let me know your opinion about Swift?