Bloggers, Brands and Consumers


Technorati Blogosfer is the biggest search engine of the blog world. Not only the search engine task, but also the pulse of the entire blog industry is another feature that distinguishes it from other search engines.

Tecnorati published the 2010 Blogosphere Report in November. Some of the special topics of this year’s report are;

  • Brands on Social Media
  • Social Media etc. Traditional Media
  • Brands Working with Blog Authors
  • The Importance of Twitter and Facebook
  • Niche Blog
  • Changes in the Blogosphere

In addition to these titles, the report also included women bloggers. This section of the report, which explains the points where the blogs they wrote and the popularity of women bloggers differ from those of the male bloggers, emphasized the profile of the women user who looks more positively at shopping and suggestions.

In the report, which also shows the demographic features of bloggers; blog writers are generally well educated, it is stated that there are people above a certain income level and it is said that the gap between traditional media and the environment created by blog writers is gradually closing.

The distribution of bloggers around the world is as given above. It has been revealed that Europe has a considerable number of bloggers, although the vast majority are in America and Canada.

Scaling the question of what topics bloggers decided to write about, “What Affects Those who Affect?” section of bloggers, respectively; It was revealed that they were influenced by channels such as their conversations with friends, news on social media websites, news in traditional media and messages they read on other blogs. In fact, this result will reveal the meaningful and necessary formation of this social media website.

In another part of the report, blog writers’ attitudes towards brands were revealed. Although the proportions are distributed almost equally to each option, it has been revealed that many Blog writers share their thoughts about the brands and the experiences of themselves and / or their friends on the brands.

In the part of the research aimed at consumers; In response to questions about determining the source of information that consumers trust, the answer that comes after the recommendation of a friend on Facebook, who comes first from sources on the internet, is the messages read on blogs. This reveals the following two thoughts. First; Facebook has more reliable and real members than other noble networks and the interaction of the members with each other is high. The second is; After Facebook, one of the mainstream social networks in social media, blogs are the most reliable source of information.

You can access Technorati Blog Report 2010’s reports on different topics from the links below.

So, do you think this situation applies to bloggers and internet users in Turkey? Are blogs really that effective?