Binding of Isaac Almost Definitely Coming to Nintendo Switch

Binding of Isaac Almost Definitely Coming to Nintendo Switch

As one of the better games to come out over the last few years, Binding of Isaac has been found on almost every system you could think of in one form or another. According to the game’s publisher, who very blatantly flirted with his audience, we could be seeing Isaac on the Nintendo Switch.

Talking in a blog post, Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez detailed the upcoming expansion Afterbirth+ and when we could expect to play it, leaving the door wide open for the new kid on the block.

“Expect Afterbirth+ on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and one more console. Sorry no PS Vita or Wii U versions. Date? Spring 2017”

The Switch comes out in March 2017, so these dates align. Unless they’re deciding to play one elaborate prank and actually reveal that it’s coming to the Ouya, the easy money is on it being available around the launch window of Nintendo’s new phenomenon.

What do you think? Would Isaac be welcomed on your Switch? Drop a comment below.

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