Billie Eilish In Beat Saber Is Bonkers

Billie Eilish In Beat Saber Is Bonkers

I am so out of shape that it is almost sad — I can be struggling for breath and wishing for death after going up a few stairs these days. That’s the reality of being chained to your desk and barely venturing outside, I guess, though I could do myself a favour and start playing Beat Saber again.

In case you didn’t know, Beat Saber is a VR rhythm sensation that makes you feel like a funky Jedi — that’s about as accurate a description as I can give it. While I play(ed) on PSVR, PC is where it’s at; the Rift or Vive allow for much more precision, and you can draw from a much bigger pool of songs thanks to mods. That’s exactly what this YouTuber did when they took on ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish.

In the above video, makeUmove swaggers their way through the bass-heavy track without even breaking a sweat and while also getting into a little dance routine — quite remarkable considering the video description makes it seem like they are recovering from a hand injury.

While everything leading to it is pretty impressive, the breakdown at 2:37 is when things get really interesting and the track gets intense, though it’s apparently nothing for makeUmove. I don’t know music terminology, so I will just say “that really quick bit” with the beat where they have to do a sweeping strike looks so damn cool.

Maybe one day I will be able to beat Legend on hard. Maybe.

What’s your favourite song in Beat Saber?

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