Best Social Media Applications of 2010


2010 was a year full of social media in the world. In the graphics of almost all major social media platforms for the past year, the arrows always showed up. More participation, more earnings, brand new areas, brand new and a wide variety of applications … So what were the best, most remarkable and successful applications?

The industry’s leading social media experts were asked to choose the best practice of last year. Here are the answers:

1. Argyle Social

Janet Aronica (@janetAronica),

Argyle Social made a name for itself in 2010 with its successful Facebook and Twitter campaigns developed for various companies.

2. Hootsuite

Janet Aronica (@janetAronica),

Hootsuite has made great progress in 2010 and now has over 1 million users. Hootsuite, selected as the “Best Social Media Tool” in the Mashable 2010 awards, seems to continue its growth in 2011 as well.

3. Facebook Places

Valeria Maltoni (@conversationage),

Facebook’s application to Foursquare as a competitor. Although Facebook cannot attract loyal Foursquare users with Places, it seems that it will attract its users to this social platform where they do not exist.

4. E-bulletins and Forums

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan),

According to Chris Brogan, the best social media apps of 2010 are e-bulletins and forums. The famous social media specialist says that both applications regained their popularity and importance in the past last year.

5. Market Me Suite

Owen JJ Stone (@ohdoctah),

Stone shows its social media viewing application Market Me Suite as the best social media application of the year.

6. Twitter’s iPad App

Scott Straten (@unmarketing),

Scott Straten says the Twitter app developed for iPad is the best Twitter app he uses.

7. Friendly

Scott Straten (@unmarketing),

Friendly, a Facebook application developed for iPad, is again very successful by Scott Straten.

8. Colorsplash and Tiltshiftgen

Brian Simpson (@bsimi),

Simpson has two favorite apps for 2010. According to Simpson, the combination of Colorsplash and Tiltshiftgen, the photo editing tool, can be an excellent application. The price of two applications that do not require connection for use after installation is cheaper than other similar programs.

9. Rowfeeder

Kristy Bolsinger (@kristy),

Rowfeeder, another social media viewing app, is the best of last year, according to Kristy Bolsinger. Valuable information and ease of use are the reasons for this preference of Bolsinger.

10. Amazon’s iPhone Application

Kristy Bolsinger (@kristy),

According to Kristy Bolsinger, the application Amazon has developed for iPhone is very successful. The application, which provides great convenience in shopping thanks to its barcode scanner feature, allows us to find even more of the information provided by manufacturers in their stores in the application of Amazon.

11. Google Realtime Search

Zena Weist (@zenaweist),

Zena Weist is now showing the service provided by the old Twitter search engine Summize, thanks to Google Realtime Search, making it the best social media application of 2010. Instead of showing all of Twitter’s history in search results, after Summize was purchased by Twitter, it limits the service to one week. Google Realtime Search can view all Twitter history, including data from Summize.

12. Radian6 Engagement Console

Zena Weist (@zenaweist),

Another 2010 best, according to Zena Weist, is Radian6 Engagement Console. The application enables its users to see their social media environments in a single panel.