Auto Tweet Posts Via RSS Feed with Featured Post Image

When ever it comes to social-media automation, I have a few tools in my arsenal. For managing my multiple social account, I’m currently using Hootsuite which is a great social media tool for serious bloggers. At the same time, I also take help of various other tools which help me amplify my social media reach and some of them are:

  • SocialPilot– This adds lots of updated in buffer and will keep your social media account updated.
  • Circleboom – This is for Twitter profile automation. You can set it to send auto DM to new followers.
  • PostPlanner – This is ultimate app for managing Facebook page.
  • Jetpack plugin – Jetpack sharing feature will let you auto publish your new posts on various social media sites including Google plus.

Above are some of the social-media tools that you should be using, and today I will look into another free tool call This is a twitter automation tool, which will let you use any RSS feed to send out auto-tweet.

You must be wondering, what’s so special about this tool as many other tools like Twitterfeed, does the same stuff. The difference here is, Twibble also tweet your post featured image, making your tweet visually appealing. FYI; Tweets with an images get more retweet and have better CTR.

How to use to Auto Tweet From RSS Feed

The dashboard and interface of is simple and even without any technical skills you can quickly understand and configure your Twibble account to auto send tweets from a RSS feed.

To get started, head over to and login using your Twitter account. Once you are inside dashboard, it will ask you for your Email address and after that you can start by configuring your RSS feed and tweet settings. Before I share the quick configuration guide, here are notable features of Twibble:

  • Connect with account.
  • Connect up to 3 twitter accounts.
  • Filters to tweet when specific keyword is there or not to tweet when a specific keyword is there. This feature will be helpful for to filter out affiliate posts or unwanted posts from auto tweet.
  • Pre define Hashtags.
  • Add @username to your auto-tweet. This is a good way to make connection with other bloggers. For example, if you are adding epostakur RSS feed into Twibble (RSS feed link), and you add via @epostakur, I will get notification every-time your twitter account post new tweets from

Follow quick guide to configure your Twitter account to send Auto-tweet from any RSS feed. For the sake of it, I’m taking epostakur RSS feed as an example.  All you need is to click on “Add new feed” and configure as shown in the image below. If you have not created RSS feed for your blog, you can read this guide to create one for your blog. For now, you can use this RSS feed to try and test your account.

I suggest you to configure the scheduling feature based on your tweet pattern. Try not to tweet a lot in less time, and maintain proper interval between two tweets. As you can see from below image, I have also configured some customisation like default # with every tweet and link shortening using my custom URL via

Click on Create on the right sidebar and you have successfully added a new feed to be auto-tweeted from your Twitter account. After that, you will also get a special link which you can share with your blog readers, and they can subscribe to auto-tweet your created RSS feed. For example, you can check out this link and click on subscribe to get started. If you want to know what kind of awesome content you will be auto-tweeting, you can check it out on feedly service over here.

It’s a good idea to auto-tweet content from the popular blogs on your timeline to keep it full of quality content. With Twibble, you are taking twitter automation to next level by adding featured image or video, and adding via @ to create personal connection with your target bloggers or social media influencers.

Go ahead try and let me know your thoughts. Don’t forget to tweet and share this post on Google plus to let other know about this awesome free Twitter tool. You can follow epostakur on twitter @shoutmeloud.