Authorized Bulk Mail Sending


Authorized Bulk Mail Sending

Authorized Bulk Mail Sending

Is mass mailing legal? Is suçm? and similar questions started to be asked more and more after May 1, 2016. In accordance with the updated Electronic Communication Law, mass sms, mass mail, mass fax, etc. A number of regulations have been introduced for electronic advertising methods. Sending bulk mail is not a crime, provided that it meets the necessary conditions under the law.

Unsubscribe Link must be found in your messages.

Recipients may refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time without giving any reason.

The service provider will ensure that the rejection notification is transmitted easily and free of charge via electronic communication tools and will provide the necessary information in the message it sends. Once the rejection request has been received, the service provider will stop sending electronic messages to the recipient within 3 business days.

Your Signature Information Should Be Found in the Message.

The content of the commercial electronic message will have to conform to the approval received from the recipient. The message will include information that allows the sender to be identified, and a telephone, fax, text message number, and electronic mail address. The message will also include information on the subject of the message, its purpose, and if it was made on behalf of someone else.

Tradesmen and Merchants Can Send Mail Without Confirmation.

If the recipient provides contact information for the purpose of contacting him, no further approval will be obtained for the changes in goods and services and commercial electronic messages. Commercial electronic messages can be sent to tradesmen and traders without prior approval.

Permission must be obtained from non-commercial subscribers and users (from personal email addresses)

Approval can be obtained in writing or by any means of electronic communication.