Attention! Never Buy Premium WordPress Plugins Without Reading This

Personally, when I have to add a new plugin or buy anything online or offline, I tend to look out for a product which is the best in my budget. However, I also don’t mind paying a little extra if the product is worth it.

But, there are times when you buy a premium WordPress plugin at an early stage by reading fake reviews and end up regretting it later.

I have had similar experiences in the past with a few premium products that I bought after reading astounding reviews.

Today, I’m sharing a few things that you should keep in mind while purchasing premium WP plugins or any other products online.

I’m writing this specifically for WordPress plugins, but the simple logic can be applied to all online products.

Buyer’s Guide To Premium WordPress Plugins

Do you need it?

There are thousands of premium plugins out there, and if you look at their sales page, I bet a large percentage of such plugins will make you feel like you need it.

Sales pages are designed to create the need, and if you are an impulsive buyer, you are most likely to end up buying any premium product you come across.

The first thing which you should ask yourself before buying the product is: Do I need it?

If you have a habit of, buy now use later, it’s time to change it to “Buy only when I will use“. A good practice should be to use your credit card or Paypal account only when you are sure about using the product. Else, it’s a good idea to wait till the time you have enough time to put the product in use.

Don’t buy after reading reviews from untrustworthy sources: Fake reviews

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money.  However, some people review products without actually using them. For example, Thesis 2.0 WordPress theme is not a product worth buying, but you will read hundreds of reviews where people are going gaga about it just for the affiliate income.

Also, people often launch a new micro website (,, just to push-up their affiliate income, and it’s a good idea to ignore such sites.

Try established and trustable website in that niche. For example, ManageWPWPFreesetup are reliable websites to learn about WordPress & products.


Plugin compatibility issues are nothing new. So, before you invest money in a premium WordPress product, make sure the company behind the product offers excellent support.

A proper support system is essential for any premium plugin, as you can’t get free support from the WordPress support forum.

History of the plugin

Have you seen plugins which are ‘updated’ with no definite changes from an older version?

It’s the same as republishing your old content by changing the date. It works in the case of blogging, but not in the case of products like WordPress plugins. A plugin needs to be continuously updated to stay compatible with the latest version of WordPress and other popular plugins.

Tip: You should always check how often a plugin is updated and whether or not new features are added to the plugin.

Comparison sucks

Some people often try to promote one product by criticising others. This is not only negative marketing, but it’s also the same as cheating your readers.

I made a comparison table for Bluehost Vs. Hostgator Vs. Dreamhost, because I have tried all three of them. So, when you read a comparison table on any website, make sure the reviewer has used all the products being comparing. If not, time to move to another comparison post.

What works for me might not work for you

As a blogger, our role is to make our readers’ lives easier. We must give our readers the best options that are available, and users can decide which one to go for.

What works for me, might not work for you, and you as a user need to understand that. 

For example, there are easy to use plugins like Contact form 7, or Jetpack comment form, but I use Enhanced contact form plugin, as it serves my purpose of showing referral URL. You might not need this particular feature, so you can always take help of simple plugins.

Also, I use ManageWP to backup my blog, but you might have one website, and VaultPress could be a better choice for you.

A good idea here is to look out for features offered by the plugin and stick to one which fulfills your requirements. For example, when you try to compare membership WordPress plugins, you will be bombarded with tons of options, and picking the best one will not be easy.

You can make a list of 2-3 such plugins which meets your requirement, compare the features which they have, and then put a pre-sales support question. A good company will not only reply in lesser time but will also give a human touch to it.

To sum it up…

Always believe in “money saved is money earned.” Don’t rush into using your credit or debit card, until you are sure of the product. I have lost a few bucks because of this, and I hope my mistakes will help you save your money.

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Until next time.

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