Are you unable to get Facebook? – Social media


According to Google and Alexa traffic data published in December 2010, Facebook’s unabated rise continues. Facebook, which managed to play a role in many countries where it could not take the leadership in the remaining years, became the world’s leading social media platform.

Currently, Facebook is the first social network in 115 of 132 countries. Brazil, where Orkut is still the first among the countries where it has not been able to win the first place, Japan, where Mixi is in the lead, which we can not say as a social network, is Russia, where V Kontakte is ruled and China under the leadership of QZone.

Another interesting part of the research is that although Alexa in some countries gives the first place to Facebook, the trend of Google shows that some local sites are still more popular.

Bride Viceonzo cozensa Let’s look at the infographic of which country was more fashionable in the past years, how has the situation changed over the years:

If we take a look at the top 3 of this year, of course, we can show Facebook firstly, secondly Twitter, which plays a role especially from MySpace, and thirdly, LinkedIn with its slow but continuous development. Those who entered the list after June 2010 are marked in yellow.