April 16, World Foursquare Day is Coming


Social Media and Storyteller As we mentioned in our article, it is much more difficult for brands to create their stories today. Social media allows brands to listen to consumers and write their stories accordingly. Foursquare’s April 16 celebration is a story that emerged in this way.

Nate Warford, who is very good at numbers, is a Foursquare user based in Tampa, USA. With the arrival of Foursquare in the area where it lives, Warford tries a different way to connect with other Foursquare users in the area and discover new places. Based on the name of Foursquare, it determines the date of April 16 and meets with other Foursquare users on this date as a result of previous announcements. One of Warford’s thoughts on the subject is that Foursquare has prepared a special badge for this date. The works related to this meeting goes to Foursquare’s ear and Foursquare becomes a part of this organization by preparing a special badge for the memory of the day. Meanwhile, April 16, which spreads from ear to ear, mobilizes Foursquare users in different parts of the world and this date is celebrated almost everywhere from USA to Malaysia. Internet users, who exaggerate the subject, want April 16 to be a social media holiday.

With the determination of this date as the birthday of Foursquare, Foursquare prepared special badges and t-shirts for this day. You can see the badge of this year below.

Foursquare day will of course be celebrated in our country, which is of course very effective in social media. You can learn about the event at http://www.meetup.com/foursquare/Istanbul-TR/.

If a Foursquare celebration is not organized in your city, you can also organize an organization from meetup. Foursquare sends a special promotional package to organizations with over 50 participants.