Application to Report Ending Relations on Facebook Developed


Facebook has always been the focus of criticism about security issues since its establishment. News has been written in the direction that its members have opened their information to application developers and brands. Facebook, which does not want to disturb its users on the subject, has constantly updated itself about security and account settings and warned its members on these issues.

Nowadays, an application that has just started to be used and that many people have not yet noticed, seems to add dust to smoke in a short time.

The name of the application that will open private life, privacy and security issues to the discussion again: The Breakup Notifier. An application that will automatically send you messages when there is a change in the relationship status of the people you are interested in.

Those who want to use the application will select the people they want to receive information when their relationship status changes on their Facebook account and if the phrase is in place, they will start waiting (!).

The motto of the application, which came to life on Sunday, is as follows: “You like someone but have a relationship. When the relationship ends, be the first informed. ”

It is already a matter of curiosity how much people who want to meet new people and spend their hours on Facebook for this purpose will benefit from this service.

During the hours we prepared the news, we learned that the application is not working for some reason due to Facebook’s algorithm. The developer of the application reported that the application will be active after the necessary arrangement.