Apple Rumors Upgrade to Dual Core Processors


Apple’s upcoming product plans to double the screen resolution on the iPad2 and quadruple the number of pixels caused the rumor to use dual-core ARM A9 processors and image processors on iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

Whether its rivals will use dual-core ARM A9 processor and SGX540 GPU for RIM’s Playbook tablet, and that its competitors such as Samsung and Motorola will use NVidia GPUs that will consume very little power with similar processors, currently using ARM Cortex A8 processor and Imagination Technologies PowerVR 535 GPU. seems to have pushed the company down this path.

It is said that the new GPU, SGX543, will have twice the image processing capability at the same clock speed. It is stated that the most likely SGX543MP2 model to be used consists of two SGX543 graphic processors that work as a single and it will be 4 times more capable than the current one. It is also said that these image processors will support OPEN CL.

It is also said that these developments will enable 1080p HD video playback and various innovations on iOS. Meanwhile, with the help of these enhancements, the iPhone 5 is expected to be a completely new model, beyond “advanced iPhone 4”.

Of course, a prominent issue here is what technologies Apple will use in its software. After all, no matter how hard you increase the hardware, if your software makes you cumbersome, it will of course be difficult to capture the performances on paper.