Another Banned News: Mozilla Banned Skype Toolbar


The Mozilla Skype toolbar was a small add-on that allows you to search by Skype by detecting phone numbers on the pages that open. It was automatically added to Mozilla when you installed Skype. So many Mozilla users were using this plugin, knowingly or unknowingly.

According to a statement from Mozilla, the current plug-in version of Skype was among the most crashing apps in Mozilla 3.6.13 and caused 40,000 crashes in Firefox only last week. The toolbar, which has been determined to slow down various applications up to 300 times in some measurements, has been formally banned by Mozilla because it negatively affects the user experience and meets the ban criteria.

As a result, all Skype toolbar versions and the currently tried beta version have been added to the Mozilla Add-ons block list. This is not exactly a cancellation, but a temporary measure that allows the manufacturer to make the necessary adjustments by notifying the situation. If Skype officials do not take corrective action, we can talk about a real ban this time. The most important part here is that the banned part is not the Skype plugin, it is just the toolbar, the Mozilla Skype plugin continues to work now.

When I installed Skype, I had a similar problem in my Google Chrome browser, the Skype plugin that was automatically added to Chrome was constantly failing, and it evaluated every digit like a phone number, I deleted it. Are you having problems with Skype in Mozilla or other browsers?