An Opportunity Site From AT&T


It is not day after that, let’s not witness the news of new players entering the opportunity site market. This time, the firm that is preparing to enter this market is AT&T.

According to the information we have received, AT&T has I will offer local deals through the site. is an online advertising and sales site that currently receives 23 million visitors a day and has a turnover of one billion dollars in 2010. AT&T, which wants to take advantage of this power of, will also include special opportunities here in the coming days. Considering that AT&T’s total revenue from advertising solutions business is around $ 4 billion, the success of is not a performance to be underestimated.

David Krantz, the CEO of the company, who avoided giving detailed information about what kind of products to offer on, stated that they wanted to be the pioneers in the market and that they built their strategies on it.

AT & T’s recent entry into other online sales and marketing businesses, especially location-based marketing activities, did not go unnoticed. The company opened last year, is a platform where users comment on the companies they do business with or where they visit. I Currently, it does not provide service due to renovation works.

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