Advertising agencies still have no mobile and web head


Advertising agencies did not understand web business and applied to subsidiaries for this, but they could not find a decent agency to help them. Sometimes they would get support from freelance employees like us. Over time, they started to understand web works and provide web-sided solutions, when they realized that they were inadequate, they needed companies or freelancers who could offer software and front-end solutions again.

For the mobile sliding line from the web, both designers and advertising agencies are trying to provide 360 ​​degrees of service. They do not fail. That’s why freelancers are still there, and they are doing good work. Because they can do the same job for less than the money they can give to a company. The ones that can not be done mostly take care of those working in freelancer logic.

Let’s just come, advertising agencies are still weak, and web agencies are designing websites by dressing them with their own data, by taking themes from sites such as themeforest and templatemonster.

The designer, who can do his own work, is now very little. There is no advertising agency that does not repeat itself. In other words, it can be said that the original advertising agency and the original web agency have never been left. The term 360-degree solution is a customer knurling model that has no other purpose than to exploit a full customer and try to catch the money.