9 Quick and Substantial Blog Posts ideas for Business Blog

You know you have to update your blog.  But you’re just too busy, and you don’t want to fill it up with mindless fluff.  Blogging doesn’t always have to be painful or lengthy, but neither should it be some form of wishy-washy free-writing exercise. You can create quick yet substantial blog posts with the following tips.

When it comes to the business blog, every content should serve a purpose. Unlike a normal blog, where we can add any content and most of the time without any strategy, on a company blog, every content should be well planned. Apart from writing about your niche, there are many ideas which you can implement to make your company blog more engaging and popular. Here I will discuss some of the post ideas for your corporate blog, and you can utilize it and see the difference:

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Blog Post Ideas for Business Blogs:

Take a Snapshot

People love visuals, and you can simply draw them in by putting up a quick photo post coupled by a short description of what about the photograph moved you.  These days, a photo post is very easy to do with your smartphone and apps like Instagram.  You can take a “Snapshot of the Day” in your office and write an accompanying business tip. You can also take a photo of one of your travels and share pointers for professionals when traveling.  Another great idea is having a “This Week in Pictures” segment, then post a series of pictures with short descriptions.

If your company targets women, in particular, you can use the power of image and Pinterest to drive more potential customers to your blog.

Hold a Contest

You can also hold a contest to start off your day or week. Some quick ideas: Caption this photo, complete this sentence, answer a trivia question connected to your product, or ask a customer to write about an awesome experience that’s related to your niche topics. The last one is my favorite since you get valuable content for your blog, and you engage your customers too!  You can also conduct a photo contest.

Ask a Question

If you already have a pool of loyal readers, one sure way to draw them into a conversation is to ask an interesting question.  Give a short introduction and ask them to share their opinions on a current topic or a pressing issue.  The idea is to challenge them to think. If it’s a hot, controversial, or thought-provoking topic, you can expect quite a number of participants.

Make a Top 10, 20, 30, etc. lists

  • List posts are comparatively easy to make since they already provide you with an instant structure. Examples you can do are:
  • Top Business Pages to Follow on Facebook
  • Top Twitter Accounts to Follow (you can include a quotable quote from each)
  • Top 10 Tips for [Insert Category Here]

Another advantage of using listified content is, they goes viral in Social media sites. So, make sure you take care of formatting and use images to make your list post look more attractive.

Embed a Video

Seen an inspiring or interesting video lately? Share it on your blog, and don’t forget to add a description or explain why you chose that particular video to share to your readers. You’ll find YouTube and Vimeo to be valuable sources for writing inspiration.

Make an Announcement

Is your company attending or organizing a special event?  Give your readers a heads-up in your blog.


Collect the best or most popular blog posts from other bloggers or your blog.  Add a teaser for each, and you’re good to publish. The best part is, you can point your readers to your other blog posts, or you can engage with other thought leaders when they see that you mentioned them in your blog.

Employee Spotlight

Engage both your customers and employees with this type of blog post.  Add a photo and a short write-up of how a particular employee is making your product or service better.

Interview a Customer through Email

Ask a customer if you can conduct a written interview with him through email. Shoot some questions, wait for the response, edit, and finally, post.  This type of post is a powerful testimonial to potential customers.

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The whole idea is to turn your business blog into a community blog too, offer a way by which your readers can participate and feel more connected to your company via the blog and social channels.

These are some of the blog post ideas that I can think of right now, if you have your tips for quick and substantial blog posts for Business blogs, share it via the comments section.