8 Tips For Writing Attention Grabbing List Blog Posts

If I am a reader and seeking information about some XYZ topic then I would love to use my precious time of research for a testified article which is not just evergreen but also viral than any other normal article. Listified articles provide you the same kind of links at the same place and save hell lot of time.

Now when I am a writer, I understand that readers are smart and you can’t just force them to read any piece of crap, and at the same time the content has to be interesting. I understand the importance of an attention-grabbing listified article and so would be interested in knowing all the trades of creating such an article.

Frankly, it is not hard but at the same time it is not a kid’s lollipop to write a good listified article. From a long time, I was thinking about sharing my experiences, and here I am; sharing some nice tips to write a good listified article that grabs attention and makes your writing efforts worth.

How to write Listified Articles which Gets Traffic and link love:

Listified articles are a great way to get traffic, new readers attention and link love. Moreover, list articles are very popular for social media sharing and bookmarking. (Ref: Content people love sharing on Social media)Writing a listified article is an art, and it has to be done after great research.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience in a particular topic or not (having experience is always a bonus), but with detailed research, one can come up with a great list article.

Here I will share a few tips that I usually follow to write a traffic generating list article, and it will help you to write one of your own.

1. The trend is the Key; use it to create subheadings

Every minute tonnes of information is created and rolled over the internet. In this digital age, it is important that you cover the latest and most talked about or most searched stuff in your writings.

It means you need to follow the trends and from this endless budging information, you can fetch the selective stuff by using online polling. Let’s say you get a topic and to weave a good listified article around it you can go on websites displaying votes from people related to your topic.

This will help you to create your subheads for the list of your article. You can also use Twitter, Facebook, Google trends, etc. to keep yourself updated about latest trends. A good idea is to pick a topic that will last for long (evergreen topics).

2. Deep research of your subject is the soul

Don’t write just for the sake of writing, instead collect facts and empower your article by providing in-depth knowledge and information to the reader.

Read enough about your niche/topic and it will be wonderful if you can explore more about other areas as well. This can be a general tip for writing but when you apply this to a listified article, it will enrich every subhead you create for the article and make it an interesting read.

3. Know your Audience

Every article written must be written for target audiences. If not then it can’t grab attention and hence is a sheer waste of writer’s time.

To write a good listified article a writer must know the taste, mood, expectations, language, and level of understanding, culture and perception of the readers.

Creation of the subheadings keeping the readers in mind would help. Only then a writer can successfully design his article and create an everlasting impact through his writing.

4. Interesting matter will grab the reader

Writing is an art, and nobody wants to read anything boring. You may be writing a listified article on technology, but apart from the topics you are covering (which should be of your reader’s interest) your content should also be equally catchy and interesting.

The beautifully written piece would attract a reader initially and only after it the authenticity and credibility are tested. If you want your reader to simply stick to your article then please hone your creative writing skills and lace your article with some skilled occupying way of writing.

5. Attach thumbnail picture to each subheading/ use Pictures or videos

We all know a picture is louder than thousand words, so it’s advisable to attach relevant thumbnail pictures to each topic if the size and template of your article permits.

This will not only grab the immediate attention of the information seeker but also help him to understand the content quickly and easily. You can also use some short but informative videos that will further help your readers to understand and grasp the information provided.

6. Your profile and reputation

If we talk about blogging, your reputation among readers to provide informative and authentic content will also help. Like if you already have a good reputation among readers that you always provide them with factual and credible contents on relevant topics then your listified article will no doubt grab attention and you will be happy with good amounts of hits for your matter. It is a give and takes the world so make your networking strong and authentic to earn credibility.

7. Click worthy Interesting Title

The first impression is important. Sometimes Envelop grabs the attention for the letter. Similarly the title of your listified article must be catchy enough to grab the attention.

Here also you can take help from the latest trends and with your creativity and little smartness you can create a fabulous title served to the information seeker. A title can lure away a reader with your article even if at one point of time he is looking for something else. So a smart catchy title can actually distract and plays as attention seeker in this vast ocean we know as the internet.

8. Length of the article

It is very important to understand and know about the media you are writing for. Like if you are writing for a normal blog on internet then generally 1000-1200 words is enough and if you are doing it for a magazine 2000-3000 words can be expected.

So divide your topics fairly in length. Readers expectations are also set by the mediums they are using and hence writing accordingly will streamline your article to their expectations.

These were a few tips from my experience in listified article writing work. As you go further on the path of writing such articles, you will yourself understand the crux of writing a listified article which grabs attention.