8 Interesting Google Tricks That You Might Not Know

Almost every one of us uses Google “the Search giant” on a daily basis for various reasons. Being the world’s largest search engine Google Provides a lot of tools and services. Google search is undoubtedly popular for providing relevant search results, and it offers many less known features like currency conversion, Calculator and few more.

There are some tools (Google tricks) provided by Google which are unknown for the masses, but they are really effective. So, today I will share some of those Google tricks which will make your search easier than before.

Best of 8 Less-known Google Tricks

1. Find Definition of any Word

 If we don’t know the definition of a particular word, then normally we Google it and Google brings the most accurate results in the search, then you visit that webpage to get the definition. So, do you think this is the easiest way to do it? No, the easiest way is to type your query like this “Define YourWord” and the get the result quickly.

Example: Define Oxygen

Now Google will directly give you the Definition in the search page itself. Isn’t it the easiest way!

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2.  Translate any Major language to English

We know about Google translator, whenever you visit a non-English page in chrome a pop-up bar appear asking whether or not you want to translate the page. That was easy, but what if you have to translate some lines of information from social networking site like Facebook or somewhere else. Are you going to open your dictionary? Well, the easiest way is to use another Google Service called Translate tool. To translate anything Go to > in the first fielded copy paste the information you want to translate and the tool will show you the translated words in the second field automatically.

3. Use Google for Mathematical calculation

Why disturb your calculator for basic math like Addition, Subtraction or multiplication when you can do this on Google itself.  To use Google Calculator Type “Calculator” in Google Search bar or simply put the equation.

Example: 200×10 or Calculator

4.  Find Key Details of Any Company

So, how will you try to find the key details of a Company? For example, what if you have to find Key Details of Nokia including Present CEO, Founder, Founded in, Short bio and Logo?

Will you use Wikipedia? Or will try to search answer for each query like

Nokia Founder?
Nokia Logo?
Nokia  CEO?
Nokia Founded in?

Hm, seems a bit time-consuming work, but an alternative for this is Google itself. How?

In Google Search bar just type the company name and Google will show you the short description of the company at the side of search results including Logo, Fonder, co-Founder, Present CEO etc.

Example: “Nokia”

5. Use Google as a Currency Converter

We have various currency converter widgets available for Windows OS which automatically updates itself with latest currency exchange rates. But what if you don’t have one? We also have numerous websites which can produce up to date Exchange Rates, but for that, you have to visit the site and you will get the result in 3 clicks from the website.

Now, what if you can get the up-to-date Currency Exchange rate directly for the Google Search? This is a very simple method. Type “Currency Converter” in your Google Search bar and Google will bring you a currency converter in the Search result page. Now type the amount and select the currencies for which you want to get the Exchange rates.

Example: “Currency Converter”

6. Google Local Search

In India, we have Just Dial which provides results for Local search-related queries like nearby restaurants, Cinema hall, Malls, etc. But as an alternative, you can also use Google Local Service tool to get the relevant and quick suggestions based on your queries.

Visit and type the keyword you want the result for.

Example: Type “Restaurant” or “Airport

This will find you the nearest Airport or Restaurant (if) available in your area.

7. Find only PDF Files

If you have to find only files of PDF Type then you can add a file type to your search.

Example: “Dell File Type: PDF”

This will find you the Dell related documents in PDF files only, this comes handy when you have search for Manuals of a particular device.

8. Find the Pages Linked to your website

This may not be the best solution for bloggers to check backlinks, but still, it’s a good way to see what other pages are linking to our blog or to any domain. To do this type “Link: Followed by the URL”

Example: Link:http://www.Shoutmelaud .com

This displays all the pages linking to the URL.

Above I have mentioned 8 powerful, Time saving Google tricks. What you say, you knew this before?Do let us know in the comments.