8 Efficient Sharing Tools For Your Blog


If you are a blog owner and want to easily post the posts on your blog on social media – which every blog owner wants this – I wanted to offer you 8 sharing tools that might be useful.

You can increase the number of visitors to your blog with these sharing tools that offer high efficiency as well as being used most in the blog world.

Twitter Sharing Tools

TweetMeme: You can easily share your posts on Twitter with this plugin, which can also be included in the RSS feed of your blog.

Twitter ShareButton: A Twitter sharing tool offered by Twitter itself and easy to use.

Facebook Sharing Tools

Facebook LikeButton: With “Facebook LikeButton”, which is the most used Facebook tool by bloggers, your visitors can express that they like your content with a click. The statement of this transaction is also placed on the visitor’s Facebook wall.

Facebook ShareButton: This tool, which allows you to share your articles on Facebook, allows you to share the content in a richer way, unlike “Facebook LikeButton”.

LinkedIn Sharing Tool

the linkedınsharebutto: This tool will be very useful for you if it is of a size that concerns many business circles on your blog.

Other Sharing Tools

the diggdiggplugThis sharing tool, which offers two different models, is a WordPress plugin. This plugin offers blog owners a collection of many sharing items to use on their blogs.

sexybookmark: This sharing tool occupies a line under the posts on your blog, helping visitors to easily share the post. You can choose social media sites where you want your posts to be shared by choosing from 85 different sites.

wibiyatoolb is: WibiyaToolbar is a nice useful option for those who want to go one step further instead of sharing tools and use a sharing browser plugin at the bottom of the page. You can increase your WibiyaToolbar interaction power, which allows your content to be shared for many social channels.