7 Unnecessary Excuses that Successful Bloggers Never Make

Do you aspire to be one of the successful bloggers in the blogosphere?

Yeah, I got you right; you want to be one of them. It has been your dream from day one when you started blogging.

On one same ordinary morning, when you wake up and checked the stats, guess what happened?

Your analytics is overflowing with traffic, you are getting tons of subscribers, your conversions are going sky high, and you’re being interviewed on other popular blogs. But in reality….

It was only a dream, you wished it from a long time and you’re still dreaming about it. But the problem is, you are just dreaming it, not doing anything for it and waiting for the perfect blogging circumstances to come.

It’s hard to believe but there are no perfect circumstances, you can’t wait for all the lights to be green to drive your car away. Same as the case you can’t wait until you’ve loads of ideas, enough time for blogging, guaranteed traffic etc

The difference between you and your favorite successful bloggers is that they never give unnecessary excuses for not blogging.

Let us see the things that clutch you back and on the other hand which make them unstoppable.

Excuses that are stopping you to achieve success in blogging

1. My Niche is Already over Populated

Bloggers often consider it a very serious reason for quitting, even before actually starting it. They think that their niche is already overpopulated and their competitors are far better than them.

So what if it is overpopulated?

Let us consider that you are going to start a blog on Self Development niche and when you googled it down, you analyzed that people are blogging on this very niche from the past many years and is already flooding with huge competition.

So what you will do? Will you drop that idea or you stick to it?

Just think about it, if more and more people are coming with the same niche that means that lots of people want to read about that particular niche.

And they are expecting more quality information, eventually, that means they are raving for more content.

So consider them as your readers and write for them, feed them with your personal spin on it even if that has been covered. Read is the technology niche no longer a good niche?

2. I will choose a Unique Niche

Most newbies thinks that the best had already been taken and they don’t stand a chance against the high authority bloggers, so they ended up with the idea of starting a blog with a complete new niche.

Trying to be unique, they hunt for that particular audience which no one else is serving, believing that the lack of competition will put them on easy street.

Sorry to say, but they are screwing themselves.

Just think it logically, if there is no one else around, who will link to you? From where are your readers going to come from?

Trying to build an audience from scratch is next to suicide for your blog.

3. The audience might not like what I Write

When you write your ideas in the public domain, there is a risk that whether your audience is going to like it or not, is one of the toughest calls for the bloggers.

Everybody feels hesitant before hitting that “Publish” button. Even your blogging heroes are a bit reluctant before publishing it.

This is the only way to improvise your blogging skills, some people will like your writings and some will not. There might be chances that you’ve to deal with haters too. But in the end, all these things are going to make you a better blogger, so don’t consider it as an excuse rather try to satisfy your audience and compel them to praise your work.

4. I don’t have new post ideas

I know it’s tough to come up with new post ideas again and again.

And there might be a big question mark in your mind, how to come up new and fresh post ideas over again to keep my blog running.

You may have some ideas now, but will you be able to come up new post ideas week after week, months after months and even year after year?

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about the future. Just start today with your post ideas which are in your bank and you’ll eventually hit the rhythm of producing great content.

Post Ideas can come from anywhere and at any time from your day to day life, while talking to a friend over the phone, taking a bath, listening to the talks of people you pass by.

I mean to say that ideas can’t be created they are discovered from within. So keep your eyes and ears wide open, you never know your next blog post idea can come from anywhere.

5. I don’t know where to start

As a blogger, you have lots of things to do. You are in a fuss from where to start? Should I brainstorm some post ideas, maintain my social media presence or work on blog design?

At last, you end up by quitting in frustration.

Make it simple and silly, start by doing a single task at a time, you can pick any but stay focused on that particular one only. It doesn’t matter what order you do the things, just create a list of things you need to accomplish and start doing it.

6. I will start it at the right time

Every time, you think about starting your blog, you tell yourself, “It is not the right time. As soon as I solve my X,Y,Z problems, I’ll get started.

By the time your X,Y,Z problems will be solved, you will be welcomed with a bunch of new problems. And believe me; problems are never going to end. Time can never be perfect for us, if you are waiting for the perfect conditions, then you’ll be waiting forever.

Unless you take tiny steps towards your goal, steps so small that no matter what the situation is only then you’ll be able to start in a better way otherwise you’ll be ended up in quitting.

7. I don’t have time for blogging

Yeah I know, bloggers are the busiest person on the earth. You behave as if the problems of the entire world are pondering on your shoulder and you have a no way out.

You are not investing the quality time on your blog but you are expecting loads of traffic and heavy conversions in return, it will surely happen but only in your dreams.

The success of secret behind every successful blogger is that they keep themselves occupied in any productive way they can, it can be creating content, building up relations with fellow bloggers or maybe learning and reading some useful things.

So if you want to be one of those, better start behaving like them otherwise you’re never going to make it.

Over to You

It’s time now to change your same old habits and dump all the lame excuses that you are making from so long time.

Start from today itself and don’t look behind, don’t feel regretted by your past mistakes, if you start even today than you make the difference in the upcoming time. Good Luck 🙂

Do you like this post, are you ready to get over your needless excuses? Out of these, which one is holding you back the most? Let us discuss in the comment box.