7 Types of Content People LOVE on Social Media

There are certain types of posts that are wildly popular in social media; the type that gets shared over and over again until critical mass.

Creating content that people love is a heavy task you must endure but the ultimate riches will be given to those that tap into the imagination, creativity and lust within niche communities.

This Post will show you several of the most popular and beloved types of content people are more than willing to share (a few times) on their social media profiles.

What Type of content is most shared on Social media sites?

The “Ultimate” Round-Up Post

The “ultimate” round up posts pulls together a range of elements from the topic of coverage to the network you tap into to supply your valuable information.

People are incredibly busy which is why round-up posts can be incredibly helpful as they aggregate the ‘best-of’ information from within your niche.

Common forms of “ultimate” round up posts may include quotes from well-known individuals in your niche, collections of powerful tutorials or any number of highly valuable sets of information that have previously been scattered (but now are available in one, easy-to-use spot).

The “Mega” List Post

The “mega” list post works, in many ways, like the “ultimate” round-up posts; it collects a wide variety of valuable information and compiles it into a single post.

The difference, between the two types, is that a list post may be focused on just a single topic but have dozens of approaches to solving a common problem (for example mega list posts on how to create Facebook Fan Pages). List posts can be used in any niche, covering any topic. Some of the most common forms of list posts include inspirational quotes or pictures, tutorial videos, dozens of techniques explaining a single outcome (i.e. traffic generation) and much, much more.

People love list posts because they aren’t forced to hunt down information across the web (you save them time); they love to share this type of content on social media because of its value that nearly always continues to be passed around.

Interviews with A-Listers

People love to follow a-listers in any niche because of their authority, expertise and value-driven content they push to the web. You could tap into each of the a-listers community by reaching out to them for interviews.

Every time you conduct an interview you’re not only creating great content for your own community but you’re giving their community something as well!

Additionally, once your post goes live you and your interviewee will be able to share the content, on social media, that will make an enormous impact because each person that follows you and your subject will also be willing to share the content, spreading it virally across the web!

Incredibly Detailed (and Timely) Tutorials

Listen intently to the troubles and needs of your community or the niche, as a whole. Create the most powerful, valuable post you can muster related to the single topic that has been highly requested but has fared very little coverage.

As popularity grows in the topic you have chosen so will your ability to spread your content across social networks like a wildfire.

One thing to remember: you will need to aim for timely information; a topic you cover may not be “in” at the moment and will result in a smaller impact to your niche – try to find balance between releasing content at “just the right time” (i.e. when people are willing to listen rather than appealing only to early adopters).

Highly-Valuable Freebies

Freebies, such as eBooks, reports, software or services, are always welcome if they solve a problem or help save people time and resources.

Your investment into a freebie may come directly out of our pocket but if you create something of high value you will be able to catch the eye of everyone that’s within the realm of your niche.

Common items may include a piece of software that lets people work more proficiently on a certain task, an e-book that explores a topic in great detail or something of inspiration that gets people to take action.

Contests, Giveaways and Promotions

People love free stuff. Social media platforms allow you to quickly (and easily) share a contest, giveaway or promotion with very little resistance.

In exchange for a great item or set of information, you could require your participants to share what you’re offering on their own social media profiles.

Each new person that joins your contest, giveaway or promotion becomes another that will help spread the message until it catches on and explodes in popularity within social media.

Of course, you should always ensure that you provide something of very high value such as a cash prize, gadget, coupons or discounts because these are all items that people want in exchange for their participation – a small investment for a huge impact.

An Epic Blog Posts Series

People have always been inclined, at an early age, to love an epic story. Just like an epic saga in a movie, book or radio series, you too can create your own “story” by creating a blog post series.

A series keeps your content relevant and continually building up to the climax; your community will hold on to every word you say depending on the amount of value and voice you’ve added in each post. Keep your readers on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next piece by leading in and out between each post in the series.  People that become attached to your “story” are more than likely to push your links out on social media circles each time you release the next “chapter”.

Final Suggestions

Finding the perfect post to create that others will love on social media is certainly harder than it sounds but if you apply the common types that have worked time and time again than you’ll start on a positive note.

Pour yourself into each of your content pieces as if it were a full-fledged product; deliver incredible value to the community.

A single post has the ability to shoot you to the top of social media; invest your time and resources on the “big one” and you’ll definitely see a positive response.