7 Easy To Use Online Color Wheel Generator Worth Bookmarking

Colors are integrated into our surroundings in their natural forms and are the little things that give essence and meaning to our life. Colors speak emotions; it speaks out to people who seek it. The itsy-bitsy part of our lives that we cease to devour is what gives life to the world. How green the grass is, how blue the sky is, how bright the sun is, how pale the early morning woods are; everywhere you look around you are blessed with the beauty of colors. These minuscule of things make up a significant part of human lives, and you usually end up finding beauty and serenity in the least of expected places – Colors are one such place.

Colors are known to control human emotions and behaviour in ways unexpected and off the mark. Colors are found to be a powerful unspoken communicating tool. Colors have a dramatic effect on human mood and emotions, behavior, personality; in short, our entire human psychology. If you might be getting enticed with the significance of color on human psychology, you should check out Color Psychology – A research on how color effects humans. With this now established that colors somewhat to a greater extent manipulate human emotions, it is safe to say that what we create need to entice human emotions. A web designer needs his site designed in a way that connects with people, a graphic designer needs to paint his designs in a way that speak emotions. So, how could all this be possibly done? With Colors.

Now there’s even a downside to colors. The way colors can capture human emotions and get entwined with them, they have their drawbacks when messed around with. Colors are usually a primary tool for marketers and brand advertisers as they are concerned with gaining the attention of the people in a split-second. But when bad color combinations are accompanied with texts, they are bound to hurt people’s eyes and eventually their interest from what you have to offer.

So the best possible way to work through this difficulty or when you run out of color ideas for your next project is to make use of a certain set of tools designed primarily for this task.


7 Best Online Color Wheel Generator Tools


Kuler is one of the best free online color wheel generators, developed by Adobe systems. This tool lets users play around different color schemes and share them with other users. The tool allows you to shift between a set of pre-defined color rules like monochromatic, shades, analogous, triads and complementary colors. The color of you choice is displayed with its RGB and Hex values when selected. You can search colors by their hex value and also squeeze out color information from images by uploading them. The best free online tool for color scheme generations and the fact that it the brainchild of Adobe systems makes it even more appealing.

Paletton Color Scheme designer

Paletton color scheme designer is one of the top-notch online color generator tools. This tool also allows a few color styles like monochromatic and triads. This interactive tool is simple to use and lets you drag a scale around the color circle to figure out your choice and then easily export the hex information of the color into HTML, XML or TXT files. This tool allows users to select colors with different saturation and brightness apart from its pre-defined color styles.


The makers of the ColorMunki color calibration tool have come up with this easy-to-use online color generation tool. This tool allows users to easily create color palettes from different swatches and could be played around to create pleasing color combinations suitable for your work. This is an all-in-one solution to your color scheme generation needs and let’s you choose from the variety of color spectrum available.

Mudcube Color Sphere

Mudcube’s color sphere is another sweet little online color generating tool that every designer ought to take note of. This tool helps users build an own color scheme from a chosen color shade. The best thing about this tool is that it provides users with a set of pre-defined color shades which can be easily selected from the dropdown menu at the top.


Colrd is a great color discovery tool for users to browse shared color palettes generated by its users. Colrd contains some beautiful visual attractions of whose color schemes could be easily browsed. This tool allows users to create color palettes and image color DNA for sharing them with other users.

Color Lovers

Color Lovers is a great online color generator community tool. This is more than just a color generator tool. This is an active and creative community of many designers who have collectively created over 6.2 million colors in 2.6 million color palettes. The Copaso is an advanced color palette tool that lets you pick colors from a wheel or upload an image and extract its color information with ease.

Color Schemer

Color Schemer is one of the simple and minimal online color generation tool. This tool allows you to select between a set of matching colors for your website or design purposes. It also comes as a free downloadable software for both Windows and Mac systems.


If you need to get the hex code of colour of official brands, here is a useful online tool where you can get it.

So what tools do you use for generating color patterns for your web-based or design projects? Do let us know in the comments section below if you have to share your experiences with these tools or would like to add another tool to this lise.