65% of Internet Users Buy Digital Content


65% of internet users, or nearly two-thirds, bought digital content to access or download music or even news articles from the game. Although music, software and applications seem to lead the money-paid content, online content paid for money is quite diverse and widely spread.

Between 28 October and 1 November 2010, 755 users were asked about 15 different products or services that can be purchased after paying online. Abstract online content without tangible forms such as music and software was tried to be evaluated in the study. The aim was to determine the rates in the sales of concrete products such as CDs, clothing books, concrete services such as hotel reservations, air tickets and other abstract concepts.

In the research, the users said “Did you pay for access or download to any of the online content mentioned below? The question was asked and the following rates appeared:

  1. 33% of Internet users go online to digital music
  2. 33% to software
  3. 21% to apps for mobile phones or tablets
  4. 19% to digital games
  5. 18% to online newspapers, magazines, news articles and reports
  6. 16% to videos, movies or TV shows
  7. 15% to mobile phone tunes
  8. 12% to digital photos
  9. Sites with 11% other free products also have premium content for members.
  10. 10% to ebooks
  11. 7% to podcasts
  12. 5% to vehicles used in video editing or games
  13. 5% to cheats or codes that will work for games
  14. 5% to sites with friends and similar services
  15. 2% to adult content

They said they were spending money. 6% of the participants stated that they paid money for things other than those mentioned above.

Nearly half of the community stating that they received online content, 46% of them stated that they bought only 1 or 2 kinds of products. In total, 16% reported that they paid 6 or more kinds of products.

The costs of those who paid for online content were $ 47, including an average of $ 12 for membership and an average of $ 22 for access to personal files. Some end users raise their averages, but most buyers spend $ 10 a month.

When we look at the methods of accessing online content, we see that 23% of users spend on subscription, 16% on downloading content and 8% on online watching.

When we look at the table that shows how many different payments have been made, we see that 66% of users make payments in one way.

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