6 Ways to Rule social Networking Website and Etiquette

Number of social networking sites are rising day by day, and people now a days, spend more time online, than meeting people in real-life. This also made social networking site like Facebook, a part of our life. Unlike old-time, now we share all the stuffs like Where you are at (Checkin), what you doing, photos of all the events, and so on.. Similarly, there are many more sites like Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, that we do use on the daily basis, and share a great part of our daily life on these sites.

How to stay good on Social-networking sites?

Doesn’t  matter why you have joined Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest but question is what’s your responsibility towards your social networking profile?



What’s your social etiquette towards your social networking friend?

Your social networking profile is your portfolio. People will judge you with the quality of your profile. If you have not yet completed filling up all the details about yourself then go ahead and do it now. Every detail on your profile will help others to know you and thus you will find like minded people.

Doesn’t matter if website asks about your political opinion or do you like pets or not, fill it.

Are you using social networking site for your business or planning to do so?

This is for all those who have joined various social networking sites:

  • Personal details: Make sure you fill up almost every detail which a stranger deserves to read. Give him a picture of your life style. Tell him what you like and what you don’t.
  • Are you getting too personal: Though filling up personal details is good but make sure you don’t fill up everything like when you have broken up with your girlfriend, how much you earn. Save these details for your dearest friends. Filling up too personal details may help any intruder invade your privacy. This happened a lot in India because people get too personal while filling up their Twitter/facebook profile. Bottom line is fill up only those details which you are comfortable sharing with bunch of strangers.
  • Promoting too much:   People who join social networking sites are their to connect with others, have some fun and get along with their buddies. If you keep annoying them with useless shameless promotion, do you really think they will care about your updates ever? Share things which people love to read, people love to know about. Picture yourself getting same updates and you will get an idea how much you were irritating your social networking friends with those updates.
  • Selling stuff: Primarily I have joined Facebook, Twitter to take a break from my hectic life. If someone will start selling things online from my friend list I don’t mind clicking on delete button instantly. I’m not saying that you can’t sell or promote stuff on such sites but then you need to be a real charmer and smart to do so. Make sure you connect with your friends and build trust. If you fail to do so never sell anything.
  • Who is hiding behind your friend list:   As said you can’t judge a book by its cover same thing applies on social networking sites You can’t judge a person by the appealing and sexy looking pictures of guy/gal. So make sure you spend some time knowing the person after adding them. Don’t add them just to add a beautiful friend to your friend list.
  • How many friends? : Have you come across   people who keep accepting all the friend request coming their way?   What’s the point of adding such people who don’t even share a single interest with you. Every social networking site has communities where you can interact with like minded people. Communicate using the group features of the community to find the like minded people.

Bottom line is s*x, money and business are shadowing social networking websites with black clouds. Even if you are there with any of these purpose you can follow simple etiquette to avoid falling into the category of spam users.

What’s your purpose of joining social networking site?

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