50 Inspirational Motivational Phrases for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is a courage and motivation job. We share with you some words that we think will be a source of motivation and inspiration for these brave people who prefer to pursue their own ideas, instead of following the trail of what has been tried and succeeded or to pursue their own ideas, instead of pursuing their own ideas.

Let’s first look at five important messages that the masters highlight in their words:

– Do what you love.

-Your goal is to make quick money.

– Choose your partners well.

-Do not hurry, review what you have done.

-If you work hard, you will succeed.

Motivation Sentences from Investors

Starting a company is like getting married and having children. Matt Brezina, Xobni co-founder

If you believe in something, work at night and at weekends. You will not feel yourself working. Kevin RoseFounder of Digg

Tell people your opinion. Their indifference or suspicion motivates you. Todd garlandFounder of Buysellad

People do not know what they want and act hastily in evil. Use this as an opportunity. Gary VaynerchuckFounder of Wine Library TV

We compete with ourselves, we cannot control how others move. Pete Cashmore, Founder of Mashable

We have never seen our business as customer service. We just do what we want our customers to be treated like. Sally StrebelCo-founder of Page.Ly

Don’t make fear-based decisions. Jake NickellThreadless co-founder

Adding a new feature to your work is like sex. If you make a mistake once, you will pay for its lifetime. Dave McclureFounder of 500 Startups

When you are ready to resign, you are closer than you think. Bob parsons, Founder of Go Daddy

Managers tell you where you are; leaders are where you are heading. Michael LoppBlogger on Rands in Repose

The things that bother me come back to me as an idea. Josh JamesCo-founder of Omniture

As much as possible, stand on your own feet. Garrett camp, Stumbleupon co-founder

Forget your competitors and focus on your customers. Jack ma, Ali Baba’s leading founder

I like to be proud of myself for thinking long term, unless it’s too long term. Mark zuckerbergFacebook co-founder

Whether your products can be purchased for your customers more easily than your competitors, otherwise you may lose them to your competitors. Mark cuban, Hdnet co-founder

We live in a world where you are not defeated by lions as a result of your failure. All you have to do is go and find another job. Michael ArringtonFounder of Techcrunch

Measuring is difficult when creating something new, people do not want to be the first to use your product. Joshua SchachterFounder of Delicious.

Whatever you think, think bigger. Tony heiserCo-founder of Zappor.

Do not compromise yourself to make money shortcuts. Noah EverettFounder of Twitpic.

Observe the world around you – everything you do, especially what you do with hate. Aaron PatzerFounder of Mint.

Do what you love passionately, I’m working hard on something I really love. Sam LessinCo-founder of Drop.io

We have a standard answer for thousands of suggestions that come to us: No! Jason FriedFounder of 37Signals.

If you are producing a product, you cannot be afraid of criticism. Kyle BraggerCo-founder of Forrst.

You should have good counselors around you, but you also have to rely on your instincts. Chris hughesFacebook co-founder.

People are afraid of being different, which allows different people like us to manage the game. Peter HackmanIs the founder of Haro.

When people reach a position higher than they expected, they are more prone to taper. Richard BransonVirgin Group President

I always come up with new ideas. This is called quantity, not creativity. I’m HuhFounder of Cheezburger Network.

If you don’t know how to do a job yourself, it is very difficult to manage someone else while doing it.. Justin KanFounder of Justin.tv.

Even what you do as a result of timing, perseverance and ten years of effort ultimately makes you seem to succeed overnight. We StoneFounder of Twitter.

If you are not rejected every day, your goals are not passionate enough. Chris DixonHunch co-founder.

When you innovate, be prepared for people to look at you madly. Larry EllisonOracle Co-founder.

Get in touch with the best in your field, learn from them. Mark forresterCoothemes co-founder.

Document everything. People are greedy for your products of productive people. Kevin HaleWufoo co-founder.

Tell people what you have to say naturally, stay away from spam. Ade olonohCo-founder of Formspring.

Friends are not always good business partners. Chris Campell, Wufoo co-founder.

Do not waste a lot of time making decisions, but do not hurry too. Micah BaldwinFounder of Graphic.ly

The cause of weak starts is speed, not money. Eric RiesBlogger at Starup Lessons Learned

You’re right when you think you can, and when you think you can’t. Henry fordFounder of Ford

I keep meetings short, especially when we design products. Justin KanFounder of Justin.tv

Having a partner allows you to take more risks. Arianna Huffington, Co-founder of The Huffington Post

Planning is important, although plans are often useless. I’m HorowitzCo-founder of Andreessen Horowitz

It should belong to the world when it was finished, not when an invention started to be made. Tim O’ReillyFounder of O’Reilly Media.

The most important quality for a good team is trust. Dina Kaplan, Founder of Blip.tv

Always give more than expected. Larry Page, Google co-founder

The difference of dreaming with hallucination is that others can also dream. Marc AndreessenCo-founder of Andreessen Horowitz

Don’t let people say your idea is stupid. If you’re really passionate about something, find a way to do it. Dennis CrowleyFoursquare co-founder

It is always a good time to start a company. Ron ConwayCo-founder of Sv Angel

Innovation distinguishes between leader and follower. Steve JobsApple co-founder

If you want to start, stop talking and get to work. Walt disneyDisney co-founder