5 Warning Signs That You Are Blogging in The Wrong Niche (In plain English)

When I started blogging, I used to blog on different topics like technology, relationships, health, etc. I used to work hard but still, I was not making enough money, and not getting enough traffic.

At the same time, many other blogs created at the same time, on a targeted niche, started doing better than my blog. After analyzing my work, I realized that the reason I am not getting targeted traffic is not having a niche.

And later I found out which niche interests me and then started my journey again with a new niche and a new blog.


Just like me, there would be lots of bloggers out there who would be making the same mistakes by not choosing a niche for their blog. There are lots of importance of blogging on a particular niche. Here are a few of them:

  • You build a targeted audience and followers of your blog.
  • You need to improve your knowledge on that one topic that you selected as your blog niche.
  • You get advertisers easily because they will find niche targeted keywords.
  • Helps you in SEO as your blog will be having relevant keywords.

Niche blogging has various advantages over nicheless blogging. But while starting with a niche blog you must be sure that you are not selecting the wrong niche.

Many bloggers start a niche blog by copying other pro bloggers and end up quitting blogging. For newbies, it’s difficult to know that the niche they selected is right or wrong for them?

Here are a few signs which can tell you that you are trapped in the wrong niche.

Are you stuck in a wrong niche? Let’s find out:

1. Writer’s block:

Writer’s block is an insurmountable problem for writers, which blanks your creativity and you don’t get any idea what to write next. One of the main cause of writer’s block is lack of interest.

Since you are not interested in the niche, you won’t able to give your best in gaining knowledge or you can’t come up with a useful idea to share with your readers.

If you are not concerned to update yourself and satisfied with what you are doing then it’s time to rethink the niche you have chosen. More on writer’s block:

2. No Passion:

Passion can drive you to success but only if you choose the right path. It goes the same with blogging niche, if you are passionate about your work and love what you do then you are in the right niche.

Passion is giving the best and show the creative side of your work. You always want to learn more and share more.

But if you don’t feel comfortable with what you are doing, never like to discuss your work and feel relaxed when you don’t have to work then you are in the wrong niche.

3. No Influence on readers:

If you don’t have passion, you won’t show your uniqueness which readers like. Your readers won’t give a damn if you will just copy paste your articles from other blogs.

There would be lots of negative comments and no one would be influenced or inspired by your work. When it comes to blogging, you have to prove yourself and have a unique style which you will only pursue if you love what you do and keep on improving yourself.

4. Blogging will become work for you:

One of the major reason people enjoy blogging because it does not just work for you. It’s something that I and you enjoy doing, and that’s why we are bloggers.

But, when you choose the wrong niche or topic for your blog, you will end up treating blogging like a work. Sooner or later you will be drained out, and will not find the same enthusiasm for blogging.

 So, to ensure blogging doesn’t become a work or boredom for you, you should select one such topic for your blog, which you genuinely enjoy reading and talking about.

5. Earn, Earn, Earn:

Blogging is a great way to earn money but only if you consider it secondary. If you are blogging without having a passion and your only goal is to earn money then blogging is not for you.

If you are in the wrong niche then you will keep comparing your income with other bloggers and keep on hopping from one niche to another, so that you can earn more out of it.

If you notice such signs then it’s better to switch your creativity to something you really love to do. I love what I do and start missing my work when I take a break thus I don’t feel stuck even if I am not earning much.

I push myself more to climb towards my goal and that’s the sign that I am in the right niche. If you have a doubt about what you are doing is right or not. Then it’s high time to sit for a while and give a thought about the main topic of your blog.

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