5 Things To Do After Your First Blog Post

Starting a new blog is special. You don’t start one everyday, right? That’s why you need to take special care after you have published your first post. I am not talking about how to publish your first post. I know you will do it perfectly. But the actions you do after you publish your first post may determine your blog’s success.

There are  many things which you can do after hitting the publish button to ensure you get maximum traffic for your new post. Here I’m sharing some of the strategy that I follow, which you can copy to make it work for you. Needless to say, do add some of your own flavour to amplify my ideas.

Stuff to do after Writing First Blog post

1. Guest Post

Yes, the first thing to do after you publish your first post is to guest post on related blogs. Some bloggers think that you should only post on other blogs once you get “enough” content on your own blog. But in my opinion, you should guest post on other blogs from day one. Two reasons, traffic and quality backlink. If you are waiting for the magic time to start to guest post, you are wasting your time. And yes, I have published my first post and here I am, guest posting!

2. Contact Another Blogger

If you haven’t heard this before, networking is very important for blogging success. So why not contact another telling him about your new post? Now, don’t email another big blogger unless you previously know him well. You should have made acquaintance with him before your first post by blogging commenting or through twitter. Other bloggers can help you get you the first comment on your blog or get you more traffic.

3. Submit To Directories

Submitting to directories may not get you traffic, but it will help to search engines notice you. Since you only have just published your first post, it may be likely that search engines like Google may not have indexed you yet. Submitting your blog and post to directories can help speed up the process.

4. Comment on other blogs

Now that you have a new blog, its time to build links. Blog commenting is one of the best ways to make links and get some traffic in the process. I have had some luck getting traffic from blog comments. So I will tell you to definitely include blog commenting in your promotion strategy.


5. Write Your Next Post

This one is fairly obvious. You can’t run a blog with only one post. So you need to post your next post. I won’t say immediately since I recommend you post only quality articles, and quality articles takes time. Don’t forget to deliver quality content only if you plan to become an authority blogger.

Don’t think that after doing these 5 things you have done your job. Blogging is a continuous learning process. You will learn more about how to make a successful blog from your experiences. So go on and become a successful blogger after your first post.

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