5 Sure-Fire Ways To Deal with Negative Blog Comments

To comment on something is a way to vent out your opinion on the same. It is a privilege given to every single individual who firstly is fed with knowledge on a topic and then asked to divulge his say on it. Comments also acts as a feedback to the daily blogger, a measure to the response his blog is getting from users all around. Positive comments encourage the blogger to take his blog to a new higher level, whereas negative Blog comments act as a demoralizer to bloggers; well, to some of-course. To some others, they act as a tutorial, a guide by which improvement on blogs can be achieved. To still some others, negative comments are a mere provocation, not at all worthy of use or attention.

Whichever may be the case, dealing negative comments is an art that needs learning with a simple level of maturity. We here, take a look at how negative comments, however provocative they might be, are to be dealt with and replied to.

How to Deal With Negative Blog Comments :

1. Firstly, you should have a cool head that acts as a think-tank and a minimal level of maturity to handle provocation.

2. Read and re-read the comment in order to fully understand what the reader wants to say. Acting haste may be an act resulting in unfavorable consequences. Hence, it’s advisable to take time, think and then respond to the comment.

3. Your opinion on a topic may be a unique one, not likely to match with others. If a comment disagreeing with your say comes across, try to see the topic from the reader’s point of view. If it looks better, make sure to congratulate him; if not, just point out his flaws with a touch of professionalism.

4. A reader might have just come up with a new look at your topic and have pointed out your flaws. Go further into the details and take a look for yourself if the comment is really true. You might just have overlooked quite something. You might learn something new. After all, it simply adds up to your experience. In such a case make sure to thank him.

5. Often, you may face a comment that is really aggressive enough to make you react unprofessional, to say the least. These comments are highly provocative and are posted just to instigate you to take a step that will more expectedly be harmful to you. Hence that is certainly not a commendable task to perform. It’s advised to face such type of comments with a touch of professional humor. It’s better not to pay heed to these comments, leave alone responding to them. However, if you do want to respond to such comments, do it with polite humor and of-course being professional. Under any circumstances, make sure not to react aggressively or unprofessionally. Then delete it.

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We hope that this article is surely going to help you deal with comments that are, to say, not so friendly. Do let us know how do your deal with angry or negative comments on your blog?