5 Secrets Revealed for Creating Viral Content

Viral content is best way to grab attention and attract traffic to your blog. An article went viral means, that article got great number of share and traffic. This could be on any traffic source for example, Stumble Upon, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on. Creating viral content and making it reach to mass is not an easy task but if you manage to do so, you can’t always expect a viral content to get lots of hits and popularity. Viral content are something which people always talk about for example a list posts like 101 ways to do something and so on.

For getting traffic through viral content, you need to give your best and need to bit smart and tricky to gain profits. It totally depends on you how you prepare your viral content and how you plan strategy to promote it. But I can guide you with few tips to get success with viral content.

5 worthy suggestions for creating viral content:

Keep eye on trending topics

If you have to make an identity in blogosphere then you need to create a viral content which is related to the ongoing hot topic. You can get lots of ideas and trending topics from social media websites, forums and many famous blogs. All these sources are always ready to talk about all current and updated topics, you just need to find which is relevant to your blog niche and select the topic. You can use Twitter trend or Google trend to find the current hot topics. Make sure, you cover it all the time and this way you will create an authority for yourself and will be getting extra traffic juice from search engine.

Research is the Key

No reader is fool here, so when you select any topic makes sure that you do proper research on that topic. You can only write a good viral content when you know all in and out about that topic. Research includes all the information from introduction to the latest update. If you won’t provide proper information about any topic, others won’t care to share it. Readers love to share articles which contains to the point information. Specially, if you are working on listified posts, work more on evergreen topics. For example, 50 ways to stay young forever, 101 viral post ideas and so on.

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Think about others

Many times it happens in blogging phase that the topics which we like are not worthy for others. It’s OK to share topics which you find useful on your blog but when it comes to create a viral content, you need to think about readers also. Readers are going to share your content and make it viral thus it is important that they should like and find the content worth sharing. Readers are very smart, you can’t force them to share content they will only share when they like the content.

Online Persona Matters

Your online persona and your blog’s reputation both play a vital role in success of viral content. If no one recognize your blog or you then it might be difficult for you to spread your viral content. The way you treat your readers, blogger all results in making a good or bad online persona. If you never provide a helping hand to others, you can’t expect others to do same for you. Exchanging links and posts always helps in spreading your viral content.

Make it interesting

On epostakur, we have covered lots of articles about writing skills and how to make an articles look interesting and attractive by adding images, videos and cool presentation. All these tips are very helpful to make your viral content fun and easy to read thus your readers find the content worth sharing.

When it comes to viral content, you need to have patience. It is difficult that you get results from the first day. Start creating your viral content with full passion and you will surely get good results with time.

I am sure you might be having few more tips about viral content, Do share with us and our readers.