5 Little known Secrets of Writing Compelling Blog Posts

Writing is an art.

Writing of any form is simply an art. An art that can be mastered with practice and persistence. How did today’s most popular and effective authors, bloggers and writers achieve the effectiveness of their works?

Some content works like magic on the brains of their readers and the social buttons go black and blue.

How do they manage to create such compelling content?

Words have the power to inspire or degrade the minds of the people. As bloggers, writers and authors, their main goal is to provide compelling content to their audience.

Content that provides information, content that inspires action and content that makes them happy. A good piece of article or blog post is the one that brings a smile to the reader’s face. So, how do you manage to come up with great compelling articles for your blog? It is no big deal to achieve that level.

How to write compelling articles for your blog: Secret revealed


You have a sense of purpose in everything you do. So why not the same with your content? Question yourself why are you writing this in the first place? Will my content add any value to the reader’s time? What am I solving or what am I trying to say with the content?

Know your voice and the sole purpose of a piece of content. If you can answer yourself, your audience will sure be in love with your writing. Find your target audience, who you want to reach out to and answer yourself why it will appeal to your content.

Don’t underestimate titles

Titles are the heart and soul of your content. No one would care to read your content, no matter how close it would be to the works of Shakespeare and Dan Brown. Never underestimate the power of headlines while creating great content. Titles are the makeup of content and you wouldn’t ever want to look bad, so why make your content look bad?

Come up with crafty headlines that catch the attention of the reader. Headlines that say that you have an answer to someone’s problems. Make the promise about solving some problem or some information in a different angle.

Make it personal

Writing and reading is 2-way process and don’t leave it incomplete. Make sure you have a voice of your own. Write in your own voice. Make use of more ‘You’ and address your readers directly in a first person voice. People read your content because they want to hear your voice.

Have a perspective of your voice and make the content personal. Share your thoughts and opinions. It is fine if you are opinionated, everyone is. The main thing is you should supplement your saying with facts and logic. Don’t just mumble about anything you don’t know. Know one would hear you.

Build anticipation

Do you know what makes a great storyline? The build-up of anticipation. Make your audience shout out for more. A great artist builds up anticipation among his audience. Writing is an art, remember? Treat your content as a Hollywood flick. What does it say? What will come next?

Build anticipation in a content from the first line itself. Give your audience a clue of what’s coming next, and make sure its an interesting one. Just remember, don’t get too much into the building anticipation process. Have a control of your content’s momentum.

Make it Scan-able

Is your blog or your article scan-able? Now what is this scan-able posts? With the advent of technology, the tools for producing and consuming information is at an all time high. Most of the content being generated acts just as a source of noise with little to no added advantage. So how do people figure out what’s noise and what’s not? They just scan!

Don’t expect someone to read your entire content word-by-word just because you have chalked out a Shakespeare-ic work, they won’t. They don’t even have a need to. It has been found in recent surveys that an average visitor just stays for 96 seconds on an article! Just how much could he read in that time? He scans. Make sure your blog and your articles are scan-able. Ask out your friends or someone from your network to take a quick look and see what they say.

What are your key takeaways while aiming for compelling content? Share your thoughts and comments below or ping me on my networks given below.

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