5 Growth Hacking Blogs You Must Subscribe To

Startups live and breath by their ability of marketing themselves to the world. Startups depend on their customer acquisition growth.

The better crowd they manage to gather around their new thing, the more attention they would get. Eespecially startups with little to no marketing budgets are the ones that rapidly implement the growth hacking techniques.

If you aren’t yet aware of the basic principle of what this growth hacking is all about, you can read the Intro to Growth Hacking here at epostakur .

This technique of Growth Hacking has been so widely accepted among the rising startups that companies have started hiring growth hackers. We have already seen what differentiates a growth hacker from a marketer and you can visit the link above if you haven’t yet!

Rising the viral co-efficient of a startup is the primary concern of a growth hacker. As the say goes, ‘Learn from the Masters’,  here we have gathered a few Blogs, Websites, Personal blogs and Services on the internet for you to get in groove with this new trend that is spreading at a rabid pace.

Browse them, subscribe to these blogs and websites to keep in touch in the industry of growth hacking.

Growth Hacking Blogs To Subscribe To

Growth Hacker TV

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Growth Hacker TV is like the YouTube for growth hacking enthusiasts. This service was started by Ivan Kirigin, the growth hacker of Dropbox. This isn’t a free service and is the one for people serious about becoming a growth hacker with tips from the industry’s finest. It comes at a monthly subscription of $29. They already have 50 episodes ready with lectures from the top growth hackers responsible for Facebook, Dropbox, Hulu, Linkedin, Expedia, etc.

Growth Hackers

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Growth Hackers is like the ‘Hacker News for Growth Hackers‘. The site is a real-time news aggregator dedicated solely to growth hacking. There is a similar site structure as of the Hacker News, however the quality of the articles posted there are worth your read.


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Startup-marketing is the blog of none another than the one who coined the word ‘Growth Hacking’ – Sean Ellis. This is a must visit blog for growth hacking enthusiasts as it will familiarize you with many startup marketing and growth hacking tips from the one who formulated it.

Andrew Chen

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The quality of articles on growth hacking at Andrew Chen’s blog makes it one of the must subscribe blog to read more about startup marketing. Andrew Chen is an angel investor and adviser in the silicon valley, and previously worked as the director of product marketing at Audience Science. His archives are a great place to dig out his best growth hacking articles.

Bonus – Few more Growth Hacking resources

Here are a few additional resources for you to follow and subscribe to.

Growth Hacking Sub-Reddit

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The Sub-Reddit of Growth Hacking. Subscribe to this page for daily updates and quality articles on Growth Hacking techniques.

Growth Hackers on Clarity

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Want to hire a professional and proven growth hacker for your startup? View the list of growth hackers offering their services at Clarity for your convenience. If you accept to meet their call price, you can arrange a talk with them regarding your startup. It also offers the service of Sean Ellis, the one who coined growth hacking and also Hiten Shah, the founder of Kissmetrics.

Adam Nash

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This is the personal blog of former LinkedIn Executive. A worth reading blog about startup marketing and growth hacking tips.

Dan Martell

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Dan Martell is the founder of Clarity and Flowtown. He is a lecturer on growth hacking. Subscribe to his blog for serious insights into this industry.

Have we missed out on any of your favorite growth hacking blog? Shout out your thoughts and suggestions below.