5 Factors to Remember While Optimizing Images for Your Blog

We have shared with you few websites to search and download images for your blog. We keep on recommend you to use images in your blog not just because it enhances the article but it helps in SEO also. Apart from link building, keywords, tags and other SEO factors to get good search engine ranking, images also play a vital role when it comes to SEO.

Whenever you might have searched for any query in Google, you might have seen the image results on front page. Just like this:

Images are great way to drive traffic and thus it is important that we should not neglect image optimization for our blog. Optimizing image for search engines is not a rocket science, you just need to remember few things like:

File naming:

When you select any image for your post, make sure that you are not violating any copyright issues. Once the image is selected, name it properly. Generally when we take screenshots or download an image, generally the file name is D123xxxx.jpg, this name of file is not good when it comes to SEO. Always rename the file name to make it relevant for post. Like if I am writing a review about Google Analytics then I will rename the screenshot image to “Google-Analytics.jpg” , that is use keywords in image name. Try to use file extensions like .jpg, .png,.gif,.bmp.

Resize image:

While using images from stock websites or even if you are using your own images make a habit to resize it. Resizing image means comprising your post image so that it can load faster and search engines prefer to index images which load faster. You can also prefer cropping the unwanted image area or use image comprising tool or resize image toolto resize your image but make sure it is not ruining the quality of your images.

Alt Text:

Alt Text is another important factor to remember when it comes to image optimization. Alt text helps you and search engine to know what exactly image is about. Adding a relevant and “to the point” Alt tag in image helps in SEO. You can read more about Alt Text in our previous articles about how to add ALT tag to your images.

Robot.txt file:

While placing the image in folder make sure that folder is not blocked by robot.txt file. Keep your image folder properly organized which makes search engine spiders to navigate easily through the folders. This will help search engines to rank your post images otherwise it would be tough to get good rank in image search.

Avoid stuffing keywords:

When it comes to SEO, keyword is first thing which clicks in everyone’s mind and it is same with image SEO. But as we avoid stuffing keywords in our articles, we must avoid stuffing too much keywords in images also in Alt text, file names, captions etc. Search engines are very smart and know that keywords are used ethically or not. So if you want to drive targeted traffic to your blog make sure that you keep your hands off from keyword stuffing in your images.

These are few important things which should never be ignored while image optimization. If you want to share few more tips, then do drop in comments. Lets discuss more about Image Optimization.