5 Benefits of Having Newsletter for Your Blog

Majority of bloggers fails because they focus more on getting traffic and ignore about converting visitors into subscribers. Are you also doing the same?

One of the difference between a good blog and a mediocre or newbie blog is; good blog focus more on readership and ensuring that their readers are always updated with latest happening from the blog.

Blog Email newsletter is one of those ways which ensure that your subscribed readers always stay updated with your latest content. There are various strategies that you can use to ensure your blog email newsletter is opened by all your readers, and that depends on various factors.

I will be discussing all of them in this article, but for now lets focus on why your blog needs to have an email newsletter.

What is a blog Email newsletter?

Blog email newsletter is one of the many ways by which your readers can subscribe to your blog. In the old days, RSS used to be the most popular way of subscribing to the blog content, but in 2020 and in the coming years RSS is almost dead now.

Email newsletter is still the most profitable and lucrative way for a blogger like you and me to let users subscribe for your blog updates.

An Email newsletter consist of links to article from your blog, and this email is received by subscribed users on their eMail address. This is the most simplest example of what a blog email newsletter is. It can be further classified into two different parts:

Automated email newsletter:

In such email newsletter you don’t make any changes and all of your new blog posts are sent out as an email newsletter. In this we take advantage of RSS feature of the blog, and use RSS to send out automated email newsletter to subscribed users.

As a free option Feedburner is the best, but a serious blogger like you should consider using Aweber (Sign up for only $1 here)which also convert RSS into email newsletter. I have explained this earlier here.

Manual Email newsletter:

In this scenario you don’t use RSS to automatically create email newsletter for you, rather you hand-picked articles and send out to your subscribers. This way you filter out the filler content and your email subscriber will only receive hand-picked quality content.

This is one strategy most of the professional blogger follows and it helps in getting maximum email open and increases trust to your email newsletter.

If you are using service like Feedburner, you won’t be able to send out manual email newsletter with them, and you should consider using a professional email marketing tool like Aweber (This is the one which I use for epostakur), to send email newsletter.

Benefits of having an email newsletter for your blog:

Depending upon your posting frequency and articles quality, you should pick one from automated or manual Email newsletters. My suggestion is to use manual Email newsletter as it works better and you can offer various other options to let users subscribe to your blog daily updates.

Now, lets look at the points which will compel you to start a blog Email newsletter right away.

Keep your readers updated:

Even if you have readers who visit your blog very often but there are chances that they might have missed any useful content or updates from you. This may include pillar content from your blog, any important news from blogosphere or industry, or any contest or giveaway you are organizing that time newsletter do play a vital role to keep readers updated about your blog.

Helps to revisit new readers:

If there are first time visitors to your blogs and they find your content interesting then there are chances that they will subscribe to your blog’s email newsletter. This will help them to revisit again and later they might turn to regular visitors and can also turn out to be your future clients for the services you provide.

Drive targeted traffic:

When a reader subscribe to newsletter it means that he/she is interested in your blog niche and thus whenever reader will get newsletter he will surely visit the blog. Having targeted visitors is very important for any blog and newsletter is best way to make them visit to your blog regularly.

Must read:

Increase interaction with readers:

Newsletters are not just for the sake of promotion of your blog or to drive traffic. It is also a good way to get feedback from your regular visitors. You can sent a newsletter to your readers announcing about new services, any milestone you achieved or any exciting feature you are introducing to your blog and I can assure you that you will get genuine feedback from your readers.

Increase monetization:

If you have a targeted niche blog then you can attract advertisers showing them your blog’s newsletter subscriber base and thus you get better chances to earn good amount from them. Apart from that you can also promote your useful affiliate links with your readers and can make money with your affiliate programs.

Newsletter is a good way to create a long term relation with your readers. Do you provide newsletters to your readers? If yes then do share your feedback with us.