4 Powerful Facebook Tools You Need For Blogging

Facebook is an astonishing social media platform for bloggers. It is one of the most effective sources of traffic for bloggers, and after Google, it is considered to be the busiest website in the world.

For most people, Facebook is a fun way to communicate with their friends, but for bloggers, Facebook is a powerful social media marketing platform.

Here are four great Facebook tools to help bloggers make the most out of this all-encompassing social media platform.

4 Powerful Facebook Apps Every Blogger Needs

1. PostPlanner

PostPlanner is a marketing app for Facebook.

It lets you schedule Facebook status updates for your pages.

PostPlanner is amazing when your Facebook reach is going down, and you need to increase the engagement. You can try this app for free, and later on, you can upgrade to the paid plan you find most appropriate for your needs.

I have been using it for two years and I’m in love with it.

Try PostPlanner for Free (No credit card required)

2. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension for YouTube.

With TubeBuddy, you can automatically share your YouTube videos on your Facebook pages or profiles.

Wondering what’s the big deal about this?

The deal is, the videos will be shared as a native video on Facebook. This means higher engagement and views.

Check out TubeBuddy

3. Stencil

One of the key rules of social media engagement is using the right image.

Along with that, your image needs to be of high-quality.

I use Stencil for my Facebook page. It lets you create high-quality images in seconds. You can directly share these images to your Facebook page with a single click.

If you’re going to purchase a license, I recommend doing so for a year as the price goes down with the length of registration.

Check out Stencil

4. Facebook Debugger Tool

This is one tool which you will need every now and then.

Using this tool, you can see exactly how your article will be shared on Facebook. It will show you the image used along with the meta title and description.

Do notice the column which says “Time Scraped”. You can click on “Scrape Again” for Facebook to fetch the latest data from your blog.

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can configure the Facebook settings under the “Social” part of the plugin.

Check out the Facebook Debugger Tool

Note: This list was originally started with 8 Facebook apps, but I’ve had to remove many apps which were outdated. I will be updating the list with more awesome Facebook tools as they become available. 

If you know of any other worthy app which should be on this list, let me know via the comments.

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