3 Skills you Need to Have for Blogging

Blogging is like any other task, if you know how to blog it’s easy and it you don’t, it will be as tough as walking in the Sand. Like any other profession, Blogging requires you to have certain skills to get your job done easily and smartly. There are people who often complain that Blogging is not for me, as it’s tough or they don’t have something which requires every Blogger to have. Believe me, you are wrong. The first and only thing which you need to have for Blogging is writing skills. Now, you don’t need to be a Blog Writer like OM Malik, Darren Rowse or anyone else, but you need to have a writing style that everyone can understand and connect to. That’s one of the skills and similarly there are two other Key skills which you need to have as a Blogger.

In Blogging a good blogger writes some articles, and insert images, videos, and many other things to describe the written article. Now the question is that is it much for your visitors, for your website?? I’ll say no because it needs many other skills to write an article for getting huge visitors in your website . What these skills are?? Many of between us don’t know and many other know but they don’t want to do implement on it.

If you want to write a traffic taking article and want thousands of likes on that so follow the skills which I am going to tell you. This is just for you and your visitors. If visitors like your article so most of them again visit your blog for such a great article they read before and all credit of that great article goes just to you. This can easily increase your visitors and if visitors increases so there is huge chance of increase of your Adsense income.

Blogging Skills you Should have from Day 1:


A good blogger should have a good reader before. As we know reading is a big part of blogging and  an essential part also. A blogger should read the topic of his article with a great understanding from books from others blogs or websites until he gets enough knowledge about that. Then after this he should try to write that topic in points that he made from reading from others, then he should write that topic in detailed with the help of his own points. At last after modification he should publish the article that he wrote in his own word.

Reading skills not only help you to increase your understanding of a subject but also give you more insight and viewpoints, which is very important when you are taking a role of Blogger. Because, a Blogger task is to communicate the right news and viewpoint and with just your thought, you might end up giving biased opinion.


The second skill you need to write an excellent article is listening skill. A blogger should have to be a listener, not just hearer. There is a big difference between listening and hearing. In listening a person listen something carefully with a great concentration of understanding. But in hearing a person just hear the topic without any concentration. It can not possible that a listener will not learn something new from listening. So try to be a listener first.

If a blogger listens the topic, so he/she gains enormous knowledge, so it is now so easy to write a great article about the topic which the blogger listened.


After gaining knowledge by reading and the listening a blogger should have to write the article, for this he should have good writing skills. The writing is primary and essential part of a blog. If writing is not good, so there is less chance of visitors flow and significant income.

For a good writing skill a blogger should firstly concentrate on his words then concentrate in his sentence structure and at last should concentrate in his paragraph. If these all are properly written and there is no grammatical mistake( For correcting misspelling click right click on the misspelled word)  in the paragraph then blogger should have to use images, videos, etc. Then after doing all these essential things he have to read his article once again. If it seems totally correct then he should publish it.

What if you don’t have these Skills?

Now, as I mentioned it’s important to have all these three skills to be a good blogger but they are just not the “ONLY” skills you need. You need to have other things like good communication, presentation, management and other skills required to be a better Blogger. Many of you might be lacking any of these skills but let me put this question straight on your face “How hard it is to learn something new” ?

Gaining a new skill requires practice, effort and you need to form a habit. You might be one of those who doesn’t like reading till now or may be your reading is more like just changing the pages or clicking from one link to other. If yes, all you need to do is make a plan and have a proper strategy to acquire these skills. Depending upon your grasping power, you may learn new things in no-time or it may take longer period, but by the end you will have it. The Key is you need to start and there is no better time than “NOW”.

My strategy is to make an action list and work on it. For example, I lack in particular skills like English grammar, use of punctuation, taking notes when reading a nobel and so on. When you make a list of problems, you would know at least what you are lacking and area where you need to put more energy and time. Do a research on Internet or take advises from someone good and take constructive actions to work on all the area where you need to put effort on. Needless to say “One thing at a time”.

If a blogger follows all the point which I mentioned in the above. So it can be very helpful for their Blogging Career. A blogger should also have two important qualities first to Learn and the second one is to share. If a blogger have both of these qualities so one day he will surely make history in the blogging field.