2010 Mobile Shopping Trends – Social Media


eBay announced interesting mobile shopping trends of 2010. Apart from other titles, special days such as Valentine’s Day, World Cup, and Apple’s iPad launch are analyzed by the company.

Trends have been determined based on the amount of total sales in the mobile sales application downloaded by more than 30 million people to date. e-Bay users’ locations to an interactive map globally, it determined the highest 20 sales in all categories of mobile shopping.

You can access data from Australia, Germany, France, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States on the interactive map. Here you can select all sales and browse the general situation or sales figures in the specified categories. The places where the orders are placed are colored on the map.

The company had intense sales during the cultural activities, when there were sports activities. During the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the company peaked in the category of sports goods and souvenirs in Canadian sales. During the Tour de France of the same category, the Tour de France peaked in Germany during the world cup completed by Germany in third place.

This device also explains the day of strong sales. On April 4, when iPad was released, sales on consumer electronics were higher than any other day during the year. Similarly, on July 24, when iPhone 4 went on sale in America, sales in the category of mobile phones and accessories peaked due to customers flowing to e-bay to buy new or used iPhones.

The most interesting discovery is that the sale of video games peaked rather than selling chocolate or jewelry on Valentine’s Day. Maybe technological geeks, special online game tournaments they were highly respected and expanded their game stocks. The players spent 68% more money on their video shopping in the week before Valentine’s Day than in the previous year.

Another interesting finding was the increase in mobile shopping on holidays. The e-Bay mobile shopping application signed almost 100 million dollars in the month before Christmas, which means a 134% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. Considering that all of the mobile sales in the United States are $ 1.2 billion, the fact that e-Bay has made 10% sales in the last month alone is a proof that next year will be more active in this respect.

By the way, the e-Bay iPhone application has nice and interesting features such as direct access to your account wherever you are, finding barcode and price. Those who are curious about the benefits they will provide during the buying or selling process and who want to get detailed information can watch the video below.