10 Ways to Drive Traffic From Forums To Your Blog?

I’m only spending about 10 minutes a day on discussion forums, but from this little effort, I have successfully managed to drive traffic from forums every single day to my blog.

It’s all because I have a plan, and I stick to it. It’s about adding quality content, but it’s also about 10 different things.

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I’m active

In order to get traffic from discussion forums you should be present and publish something at least a few times a week. The more active you are, the more traffic you’ll get. I publish something 3 times a day, every single day.

I use the signature

I have a link in my signature. The most traffic to my blog (from discussion forums) comes from people clicking on this link. I always add a link to a blog post related to the discussion forum.

I start new threads

It’s important that you connect with other people and join the discussions, but it’s even more important to start new threads. Every time I start a new thread it receives more than 10 comments, and I get even more traffic, because a new popular thread makes me even more visible.

I use old threads

Old threads can contain 20 comments and more. When you join an old discussion, all of the subscribers to this thread will be notified that there’s a new message to the thread (if they haven’t unsubscribed). And the thread will jump to the top of the list of threads, and even more, people will see it and join the discussion.

However do read the forum rules. Some forum doesn’t like members bumping up the thread to game the system for their benefits.

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I have added my blog feed

In my profile I have added my blog feed, this way, just below my username and on all the messages I have published on the discussion forum there’s always a link (and the title) to my latest blog post.

I’m always brief

I usually don’t read long messages, and I believe that most people are looking for a short, straight to the point answer (and question). Hence, I’m brief, I try never to write more than a few sentences in every comment I publish. But I always do my best to add quality content.

I’m always positive

No matter what people write, I’m always positive. I do my best to answer any question. Nothing good comes from being arrogant or negative. It’s important to understand that there will always be people who are completely new to the topics, and people who have many years of experience.

It’s all about helping

Every time I publish a comment I always want to help, that’s the reason I’m there in the first place. I usually never publish any link to my own blog posts (I already have two links present, one to my latest blog post, and one in my signature). It’s important not to self promote (people don’t like it, and they won’t read what you have to say).

I do my best to follow up

When I add a comment or start a thread, I stay subscribed to the thread and read most of the new comments. If I can add more value to the thread, I do it.

Add value to my profile

I have added information about myself, like information about who I am, where I’m from, and what my hobbies are. I have also added a picture of myself (an avatar, it’s visible next to all my messages). People want to know who they’re communicating with. Be yourself, make it personal (not a character).

That’s 10 ways I use to drive traffic from forums to my blog. Now, let me ask you this; are you using discussion forums? And if you are, how are you using them?

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