10 Entrepreneur Blogs to Follow


Day by day, the number of entrepreneur young people who are tired of working with someone else and who want to start their own business for a more free life is increasing. Of course, what should not be forgotten here is not to expect to be rich in a day as if money came out of the national lottery. Because the entrepreneur often has financial difficulties at the beginning, he has to work 1.5 times more than he would work in a company, besides a thousand and one paper paperwork, he tries not to be crushed under the feet of giant companies. In our country, there are entrepreneurs who have succeeded at a young age. Now, the Y-Generation that can contribute to your business life and guide you to the beginning (Gen- YI want to introduce 10 blogs managed by).

Under 30 CEO:

“Leave what you hate!” The blog, which has an assertive structure with its slogan, has startup recommendations, startup profiles, interviews with entrepreneurs and more.

Quick Sprout:

Quick Sprout is one of the best young entrepreneur blogs. Blogger Neil Patter has established many companies and has supported many companies such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP, a full young entrepreneur ore.

Young Entrepreneur:

As its name suggests, it is a blog that targets young entrepreneurs but has not been discovered yet. You will see that it is a very useful resource when you open it.

Income Diary:

Michael Dunlop tells you how to make money online. Gary Vaynerchuck and Yanik Silver He interviews internet stars like. The content must be watched with its resources and active forum.


Bradley Wiil tells you how Y-Generation does business. Every published article has been carefully thought out and is quite worth reading.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich:

pbwi that Ramit Sethi, the founder and author of the book with the same name, shares his experiences and advice here.

Is Blogtreprene:

Where blogging and entrepreneurship meet. The page with good advice on how to blog as an entrepreneur is also one of the pages to follow.

Erin Blaskie:

Young speaker, strategist and entrepreneur Erin Blaskie shares his experience with more than 300 entrepreneurs that he helped found a company.

Thrilling Heroics:

Cody McKibben inspires young entrepreneurs to make a positive change in life, to achieve an exciting career and lifestyle.

All the resources here are quite satisfying and inspiring, but I especially found Young Entrepreneur one step ahead of them. Maybe my mind may change after I tampered with it a little bit more, what do you think is the best?